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  • n. A period of 3600 years.
  • n. A period of 223 synodic months (approximately 18 years 11 days 8 hours), after which the relative positions of the earth, sun and moon recur, used to predict eclipses.


From Ancient Greek, from Akkadian. (Wiktionary)


  • The saros cycle predicts that, following a solar or lunar eclipse, a similar eclipse will occur 223 lunar months later.

    The Antikythera Mechanism

  • The complicated meshing of the gears is a physical representation of the so-called Callippic and saros astronomical cycles.

    The Antikythera Mechanism

  • The decades of a saros would not be long enough for me to write all they meant to the ragged apprentice boy I was.

    The Shadow of the Torturer

  • Eclipses recur at intervals of 6585.3 days (18 years and 10 or 11 days), which period is called a saros.

    The History of the Former Han Dynasty

  • While this is only a small proportion of the 152 saros series in Oppolzer's Kanon, the uniformity of results makes them probably typical.

    The History of the Former Han Dynasty

  • These eclipses belonged to 26 different saros series and included all the umbral eclipses of the 19 years preceding 1938, in order to include all the saros series now running which produce umbral eclipses.

    The History of the Former Han Dynasty

  • Conchoid curves are obtained for those eclipses in which the moon's penumbra reaches the northern limits to which the sun is visible; such eclipses are those near the ends of a saros or exeligmos series.

    The History of the Former Han Dynasty

  • From this event to the Persian conquest was a period of 36,000 years, or an astronomical cycle called _saros_.

    God and my Neighbour

  • The Babylonians knew the decimal system, but for practical purposes they counted by _sossi_ and _sari_, the _sossos_ representing 60, the _saros_ 60 × 60, or 3,600.

    Chips From A German Workshop, Vol. V. Miscellaneous Later Essays


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