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  • Sharp and wiry or rasping in tone, as a bird's note; sounding like a saw in use or being sharpened.

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  • adj. having rough edges that can be used for sawing


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  • Video feeds throughout the day Monday showed the robots using a circular saw-like device to cut small pipes around the leaking riser, clearing the way for the operation which could begin as soon as Wednesday.

    Cut-And-Cap: Robot Submarines Set Up Next Gulf Oil Spill Containment Effort

  • On Monday, live video feeds showed robot submarines moving equipment around and using a circular saw-like device to cut small pipes at the bottom of the Gulf.

    Gulf Oil Spill: Best Chance To Stop Leak Won't Be Ready Until August

  • Sudun then went in, clothed himself in gilded armour, girt on a saw-like sword, and came out holding a shining club in his hand.

    The Book of The Thousand Nights And A Night

  • Behind them Ali moved noiselessly laying the table, ranging solemnly the ill-assorted and shabby crockery, the tin spoons, the forks with broken prongs, and the knives with saw-like blades and loose handles.

    Almayer's Folly

  • = X anw the operation was bloody. not as bloody as expected though. what was in my mind initially was using a saw-like equipment to saw open the part of the body to be operated on and blood spills out. luckily it wasn't like that in reality!

    turdle Diary Entry

  • Check out this gallery for a look at the various sea creatures like the large-tooth sawfish which uses its saw-like nose for defense and digging food in the sand.

    CNN Transcript Nov 27, 2005

  • They were clad in brilliantly-painted cloths, and the soldiers were armed with the saw-toothed war-club, the bow and arrows barbed and poisoned with the juice of the euphorbium, the cutlass, the “sima,” a long sabre (also with saw-like teeth), and some small battle-axes.

    Five Weeks in a Balloon

  • For these reasons the expulsion of water and the seizing of their food is rapid, and their teeth are sharp and in almost all cases arranged in a saw-like fashion, for they are debarred from chewing their food.

    On youth and old age, on life and death, on breathing

  • This mass is generally jagged at the top with saw-like edges, and it doesn't so very much resemble those Gothic cathedral spires as Arctic writers try to make out.

    Tom Finch's Monkey and How he Dined with the Admiral

  • This was the swift, sharp, saw-like cutting among the stones and the slime, the scrape, scrape of the hundred of knives into the moist earth.

    In and out of Three Normady Inns


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