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  • n. Small panties


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From scant + panties


  • It's rumoured that he was unhappy about her posing in Ultimo scanties for an advertising campaign, which she did to celebrate losing six stone.

    Downton Abbey's just the opiate of the middle classes | Barbara Ellen

  • I don't mind Beckham earning some extra pocket money by posing in his scanties, for the ladies, and doubtless for certain gentleman fans.

    It's older people's attitude to drugs that is a killer | Barbara Ellen

  • Man, it sure didn't take much to be considered saucy in the olden in point, An Evening with Charley Drew and his naughty tunes about fallen women who pose in their scanties and other such scandalous stuff.

    Charley Drew, his piano, and his party songs

  • I don't recall that, but what I do recall, sadly, is my tomboyish self in a ridiculous purple dress with a HOOP skirt that, when my tomboyish self sat down, flipped up and gave the entirety of the room a lovely view of my scanties.

    Ephemera 2009 (2)

  • This consists of a query: "Gosh ... where have all the guys with brains gone?" along with a message URL, and a little picture of what appears to be a shapely young woman's butt clad in scanties, and -- are those handcuffs holding her hands behind her back ...

    Archive 2009-08-01

  • Refusing to leave the hotel during the heat wave, this man has lounged about his room in scanties since the torrid spell began with an electric fan in operation and with a bathtub - full of beer on ice at his side.

    Prohibition and Eulberg Brothers Brewery

  • Shouldn't we get a chance to oggle incredibly hot superbabe models in their scanties?

    Life of Brian:

  • Just the thought of Matt seeing her in such sexy scanties was enough to weaken her knees.

    Whispers At Midnight

  • George ran along from the office, Val Gaynes flew out of her dressing-room in a pair of scanties.

    Vintage Murder

  • Early on, George and his Uncle Arnold (Edward Chapman) struggle to write a letter about pigeon sex, not knowing the words or expressions; later, he is confused that the words he knows (knickers, bloomers) are being replaced by others (panties, scanties and step-puts).

    The Full Feed from


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  • “If the battered but unbroken stimulus package Washington finally serves up does not turn the trick, perhaps the answer to the country’s economic woes could be something a lot simpler. Bring back burlesque!

    In the nostalgia-steeped new musical ‘Minsky’s,’ which had its world premiere here Sunday night at the Ahmanson Theater, dancing in your scanties while the world trembles is presented as noble service that might help keep a wounded country on its feet.�?

    The New York Times, What’s the Cure for Those Depression Blues? Hoofing in Your Scanties, by Charles Isherwood, February 9, 2009

    February 10, 2009