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  • n. Plural form of scap.


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  • And strictly speaking there can be no evidence for Q until the day we find an ancient copy of something like the reconstructed Q or some scaps of it, or some lost letter by early Christians or Pagans who talk about a sayings gospel like Q and quote from it.

    More Mythicist-Creationist Parallels: Messiahs, Wisdom and Jesus

  • Interestingly, I don't know that anyone has pointed out how dissimilar the "Ultrasauros" and B. brancai scaps are in outline.

    Biggest…. sauropod…. ever (part…. I)

  • The game was prolonged for a while as the Germans threw scaps forward to contest, but they ran out of scraps.

    Archive 2007-12-01

  • The Monster Truck Rally \scaps (see! the mightiest machines! in \expndtw-3 combat!) \scaps0 had attracted six entrants, and the huge vehicles \expndtw-2 occupied, Quill thought with irritation, far more parking \expndtw-4 space than they should have.

    Never Come Down

  • Doreen stood conspicuously apart. \expndtw-2 She was carrying a sign that read \scaps throw the bum out!

    Never Come Down

  • The small sign they used to welcome guests read \scaps welcome! artist sarah quilliam!

    Never Come Down

  • She really doubted that if DeMarco was dumping, \expndtw-3 it was in canisters labeled \scaps illegal disposal. \scaps0 On the other \expndtw-1 hand, neither Carlyle nor Louisa Conway appeared to be \expndtw-5 the sort of women who would know more than Quill would \expndtw-3 about building sites, much less toxic waste disposal.

    Never Come Down

  • Quill \expndtw-2 passed a hand-lettered sign that read: \scaps grand opening \scaps0!!!

    Never Come Down

  • Roland stopped them while they were still half a mile from the clearing in the woods and tore six small scaps of cloth from his old shirt.

    The Waste Lands

  • There are an estimated 10 thousand catadores in the state of Ceará who forage for scaps that others deem unfit for use, making them recyclers in the purest of forms. - Articles related to Regional wage boards grant wage hike in Zambo, C. Visayas


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  • Sheep (plural).

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