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  • noun Jewish A black person, especially a man.


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From Yiddish שװאַרצע (shvartse), from German schwarze ("black").


  • In March, Mason was criticized for calling Obama a "schvartze" -- a Yiddish word for "black" that Mason insisted was not racist, though it's considered a historically derogatory insult (and echoed a 1991 incident in which Mason called then-New York Mayor David Dinkins, who is black, "a fancy schvartze with a mustache").

    Terry Krepel: Jackie Mason, Humorless Obama-Hater

  • In 2009, he referred to Obama using the Yiddish word "schvartze," which many believe is now an outdated racial epithet.

    Jackie Mason Rips Obama Over Hanukkah Celebration, Jewish Disrespect

  • In 2009, he referred to Obama using the Yiddish word "schvartze," which many believe is now an outdated racial epithet.

    The Full Feed from

  • As Gershom Gorenberg notes, spamming your zayde to say that the schvartze is really a Muslim didn’t work.

    The Fire In Which You Burn | ATTACKERMAN

  • He feels entitled to use the word schvartze because, as he's said, "I'm an old Jew.


  • Where I came from, growing up in one of the nation's few Arab-Jewish neighborhoods, on Chicago's South Side in the 1960s, the term "schvartze" was never a compliment and was always said in the most derogatory and racist manner intended.

    Ray Hanania: Jackie Mason Owes Apologies to Many People, Including President Obama

  • JJ: Because you're so closely tied to Jews and Judaism in the popular culture, do you ever worry that it could reflect badly on all Jews when you use terms like 'schvartze' or call for the expulsion of Arabs from Israel?


  • FOX News '"media critic" Bernard Goldberg (we're still waiting to hear him criticize Greta Van Susteren's undisclosed relationship with Sarah Palin) was so intent on defending comedian Jackie Mason's controversial use of the word "schvartze" to describe Barack Obama, that when confronted with a dictionary definition indicating the word is derogatory, Goldberg dismissed it by saying,

    News Hounds

  • "The word 'schvartze' is not a bad word, absolutely not a bad word."

    News Hounds

  • When questioned about his description of Obama as a "schvartze" during a recent appearance that angered several in the crowd, Mason

    News Hounds


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  • Yiddish term for a black person, sometimes derogative.

    April 6, 2009

  • (psst... do you mean derogatory?)

    April 6, 2009