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  • n. A sexual dependency on openly observing sex organs and sexual acts, as opposed to voyeurism which is secret.


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Ancient Greek σκοπός (skopos, "watcher") + English -philia (itself from the Ancient Greek φιλία (philia, "love”, “fondness"))


  • "Everything began with my experience at the Louvre, where the works reminded me of my friends," Goldin told ARTINFO France, adding that, though the word "scopophilia" usually entails "voyeurism," her work is never voyeuristic.

    ARTINFO: INTERNATIONAL ART: Nan Goldin Emerges From Seclusion in a New Louvre Show

  • Shot on pocket cameras between 2002 and 2010, the project is a gloriously low-definition exercise in urban scopophilia that offers dozens of 15- or 30-second glimpses of random human—or sometimes animal—behavior: That guy dancing on the 42nd Street 6 Train platform.

    Start September With Superior Cinema

  • Instead, we have ubiquitous scopophilia, a new phase of disembodied desire in which pleasure is suspended well above corporeal referent.

    How to Do the History of Pornography: Romantic Sexuality and its Field of Vision

  • Freud's analysis of the relation between narcissism, scopophilia, and auto-eroticism "merits formalization within the field of an approach to painting."

    Notes, Mitchell, "Ekphrasis and the Other"

  • At what point does voyeurism - all photography is surely this - tip into scopophilia, a love of looking?

    BBC News - Home

  • A voyeur is "a person whose sexual desires are stimulated or satisfied by covert observation of the sex organs or sexual activities of other," and scopophilia, which informs the act of voyeurism, is the "sexual stimulation or satisfaction derived principally from looking."


  • From the very beginning Rear Window forefronts voyeurism as its narrative framework, and in doing so, it "performs the metalinguistic dismantling of the structures of scopophilia and identification", as Robert Stam and Roberta Pearson said in their essay, "" Hitchcock's


  • During the interview Ms. Bigelow explained to the apparently baffled Ms. Stahl the meaning of scopophilia, a significant word in feminist film theory, though Ms. Bigelow kept gender out of her definition ( "the desire to watch and identify with what you're watching").

    NYT > Home Page

  • How innocent this patriarchal scopophilia seems today.

  • Given that this is techno for Suede fans, the total package of band and aesthetic was undeniably part of what made it interesting, and in Ladytron there seemed to be a group who were both part of and a commentary on the whole thing - the adoring scopophilia and high drama of 'The Way That I Found You', the hungover ennui and invariably disappointing sex of 'Another Breakfast With You', the 'Playgirl' who 'sleeps her way out of her home town', with the fitting admonishment 'why are you dancing when you could be alone?'

    sit down man, you're a bloody tragedy


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  • Literally, the love of looking. See also voyeurism.

    July 26, 2008