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  • IN Scotland all the people wear
    Red hair and freckles, and one sees
    The men in women's dresses there,
    With stout, decollete, low-necked knees.
    (' Eblins ye dinna ken, I doot,
    We 're unco guid, so hoot, mon, hoot!')

    They love ' ta whuskey' and ' ta Kirk';
    I don't know which they like the most.
    They aren't the least afraid of work ;
    No sense of humour can they boast;
    And you require an axe to coax
    The canny Scot to see your jokes.

    They play an instrument they call
    The bagpipes ; and the sound of these
    Is reminiscent of the squall
    Of infant pigs attacked by bees;
    Music that might drive cats away
    Or make reluctant chickens lay.


    Wear kilts, and, tho' men look askance,
    Go out and give your knees a chance.

    (Harry Graham : Baby's Baedeker)

    February 9, 2009

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    September 19, 2007