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  • v. Third-person singular simple present indicative form of scramble.
  • n. Plural form of scramble.


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  • Whether your goal is to score an A on Friday's vocabulary test, or to improve your SAT scores, vocabulary games, word scrambles, and interactive flashcards can make studying vocabulary words fun and improve retention.

    New on the Net-October 2008

  • Season two of the game show that combines word scrambles with a test of world history and pop culture trivia knowledge begins tonight.

    TiVo-Worthy Television: Britney Spears on MTV's VMAs and More!

  • My real name scrambles to “A Fervid Sun God” and my porno name, “Davie Dong-Surf”.

    Firedoglake » Late Nite FDL: Fear and Loathing in the Nuttersphere

  • The puzzles range in flavor from word scrambles, to math problems, to logic puzzles.

  • I love word scrambles - adventure miserable chubby spearmint president barrier oatmeal

    The Pioneer Woman - Full RSS Feed

  • Each 20-minute segment will focus more on pop culture entertainment and celebrity interaction rather than the same stale word scrambles and dancing popcorn that we've all come to know.

    Edison Research

  • "This 80-hour computer-based program uses human-to-avatar interaction, games, word scrambles, and other interactive exercises to draw the user into the learning program."


  • Big Ben .... his scrambles were the difference on offense this year.

    Blog updates

  • Riddle Me This, Jack: Remember that episode of 24 where Jack Bauer solves word scrambles?


  • BeatmyTweet is similar to TwitBrain and Twivia, except that instead of questions or math problems, it sends out head-scratching word scrambles every hour.



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