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  • verb Present participle of scrump.


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  • In actuality we were what the Brits call "scrumping," or in other words, taking apples from trees we didn't own — a fast-growing trend in urban London and throughout the U.K. Karen Liebreich, Abundance London Children during an urban harvest in London this year.

    Urban Scrumpers Are Picking the Forbidden Fruit

  • * I am aware that 'scrumping' will not be familiar to American readers.

    The God Delusion

  • In this case, though, the thought doesn't count, because as soon as he lays eyes on his ginger siren, his walnut-sized brain — and other things — are no match for Jessie's fang-tastic pheromones, and by episode's end, the cutest couple in all of Bon Temps is scrumping in the bed of a pickup.

    True Blood Episode Recap: "Let's Get Out of Here"

  • Officially, scrumping hasn't been repealed and is still technically illegal under legislation, reports the National Archive U.K., but the last reported case was in 1829.

    Urban Scrumpers Are Picking the Forbidden Fruit

  • Wildly Speculative Season 5 Prediction: Well, with all that very specific, postcoital sex talk, I was going to say that I foresee a lot more scrumping in Jason's future.

    True Blood Episode Recap: "And When I Die"

  • "Scrumping is about taking back some of that freedom we have lost in a commercial society," said Simon O'Grady, a school teacher, recently scrumping for the first time on an abandoned plot with his children.

    Urban Scrumpers Are Picking the Forbidden Fruit

  • MOPs I talk to still speak fondly of the days when officers could hit kids for scrumping apples etc.

    Ooooh….. I didn’t know that! « POLICE INSPECTOR BLOG

  • It wasn't always this way: The criminal registers of England and Wales report that from 1791 to 1892 hundreds of criminals reported for petty theft, fraud and scrumping were sent to Australia.

    Urban Scrumpers Are Picking the Forbidden Fruit

  • Various vaguely feminist rationalizations "if I were a man ..." are supposed to make this choice seem logical, but really it's just an excuse to show us a fan-fic-quality scrumping scene with less class than a Bachelor two-on-one hot tub date.

    Top Moments: It Takes Two on Glee Project, True Blood Dreams Up an Unsexy Threesome

  • I called the London Metropolitan Police spokeswoman, who said officially they didn't have a comment because there is no recent record of scrumping arrests or complaints and it really isn't something officially recorded, suggesting that scrumping is an accepted practice, unless a land owner files a formal police complaint.

    Urban Scrumpers Are Picking the Forbidden Fruit


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  • Stealing in a playful boyish way - e.g., young boys "scrumping" apples. British.

    June 15, 2009

  • n. The snatching of a person's iPhone, iPad, or iPod.

    July 31, 2012