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  • "You see," quoth Stalky, as they strolled up to prep. with the ignoble herd, "if you get the houses well mixed up an 'scufflin', it's even bettin 'that some ass will start a real row.

    Stalky & Co.

  • Then the old uns take courage an 'make a snap at it now and again, but very tenderly, till it gits cooler at last, an' then at it they go, worryin ', an' scufflin ', an' barkin ', an' gallopin ', just like Moses there, till the pot's as clean as the day it wos made. "


  • He know'd dat a lettel mo 'an' he'd 'a' been gone fer good, kaze when he drapped in, er jumped in, er fell in, he wuz over his head an 'years, an' he hatter do a sight er kickin 'an' scufflin 'an' swallerin 'water' fo 'he kin git whar he kin grab de grass on de bank.

    Types of Children's Literature

  • There was a great jabberin 'and foot scufflin', and I could hear Dennis, that juggles the lever, forkin 'out the assault' n 'batt'ry language in a brogue that sounded like rippin' a sheet.


  • May was making Mr. Robert hold one end of a daisy chain she was weavin ', and she's prattlin' away kittenish when I edges up, scufflin 'my feet warnin' on the gravel.

    Torchy, Private Sec.

  • The trouble is, that most people are always livin 'on a strain, tryin' to do a little too much for their children, and scufflin 'against wind and tide to git just a little ahead of their nabors.

    Bill Arp from the uncivil war to date, 1861-1903,

  • 'I heard a scufflin' in the room behind, and thin Dinah Shadd's hand dhropped into mine like a rose-leaf into a muddy road.

    Life's Handicap

  • Then there com a scufflin 'an' a skrikin 'all ower t' wood.

    More Tales of the Ridings

  • He blew a two-three notes, an 'sure enif, there was a scufflin' i 't' trees an 'i' less nor hauf-a-minute there were fower or five squirrels sittin 'on t' boughs o 't' espins.

    More Tales of the Ridings

  • An 'it kept him so busy a-scufflin' ter raise the twenty dollars that he never hed a chance ter give Caleb Hoxie more 'n one or

    In the Tennessee mountains,


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  • This is a term the folks (democrats and republicans)do daily.They need to play nicer and maybe we the folks will be on the receiving end of a better government What say you folks!.

    April 22, 2012