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  • v. Present participle of scumble.
  • n. An application of scumbling; an opaque glaze.

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  • n.
  • n. A mode of obtaining a softened effect, in painting and drawing, by the application of a thin layer of opaque color to the surface of a painting, or part of the surface, which is too bright in color, or which requires harmonizing.
  • n. In crayon drawing, the use of the stump.
  • n. The color so laid on. Also used figuratively.

from The Century Dictionary and Cyclopedia

  • n. In painting, the operation of lightly rubbing a brush charged with a small quantity of an opaque or semi-opaque color over the surface, in order to soften and blend tints that are too bright, or to produce some other special effect.
  • n. In chalk - and pencil-drawing, the operation of lightly rubbing the blunt point of the chalk over the surface, or spreading and softening the harder lines by the aid of the stump.


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  • Brooding over my blue woman, I ate a cheese and chutney sandwich and in the afternoon overpainted the background with browns and crimsons, glazing and rubbing together the colours in the method called scumbling until I had a deep rich background that wasn't identifiably blue or brown or red but which receded from the eye, leaving the face itself startlingly near and clear.

    To The Hilt

  • She relies on " scumbling, " in which layers of paint are built up to create a shimmery effect, to give her work its depth and vitality.


  • So many people think that 'scumbling' is about a particular brush mark and not about the paint at all.


  • The profusion of flakes falling through the air had a scumbling visual effect on the surfaces of things.

    The Bridge

  • Fish and Rocket have a terrible time scumbling their savvies.

    Savvy by Ingrid Law: Questions

  • When I tell others what scumbling really is, they look at me cross-eyed.


  • The eye mixes the scumbling and underpainting, and effects of texture, focus, etc. can be induced.


  • Yes, scumbling is a way of painting where you dry-brush a thin layer of opaque paint over a the dry surface of a painting.


  • In my mind, i put scumbling in with glazing, as a technique.


  • The key to this kind of painting is to use the biggest brushes you can, but to use them very lightly, dragging and scumbling.

    Archive 2008-02-01


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  • 1. To soften the colors or outlines of (a painting or drawing) by covering with a film of opaque or semiopaque color or by rubbing.

    2. To blur the outlines of: a writer who scumbled the line that divides history and fiction. AHD

    March 17, 2008