from the GNU version of the Collaborative International Dictionary of English

  • The green color of sea water.
  • adj. Of a beautiful bluish green color, like sea water on soundings.

from The Century Dictionary and Cyclopedia

  • Having a luminous bluish-green color, suggesting that sometimes seen in sea-water.
  • n. A rich bluish green of high luminosity.
  • n. Ground overflowed by the sea in spring tides.

from WordNet 3.0 Copyright 2006 by Princeton University. All rights reserved.

  • adj. of the color of the sea; bluish green
  • n. the property of a moderate green color resembling the waters of the sea


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  • The one pointed out as Lahash had the sublime beauty of an East Indian yogi, while Appollyon was built like a Roman god, with jet-black, wavy hair and penetrating sea-green eyes.

    Surrender the Dark

  • Lydia didn't remember the name of the movie, or anything else about it, but she remembered that den, its sea-green wallpaper and shaggy, turquoise and teal rug making her feel like a fish in a tank.

    Test Patterns

  • In the most arresting occurrence in this distinct world of earth, water and light, Ms. Jasjfi wears a sea-green gown and, after a breathtaking passage floating on an air-mattress as if she were an untroubled Ophelia, becomes the spectral center of a hushed rite visited by black-gowned sister dancers and the black-clad men who shadow them.

    Tides of Memory

  • Stylized 4-foot-high marionettes that were crafted in Prague by the carver Jakub Krejčí for "Golem" include a cart containing an apple seller's arms and toothily grinning head, a student with sacred pages in his scarlet chest that revolve as the rabbi reads, and another with a sea-green violin-shaped torso in the tale the students represent fire and water.

    Golem Comes to Life

  • Then the canopy of heaven became a mighty loom, wherein imperial purple and deep sea-green blended, wove, and interwove, with blazing woof and flashing warp, till the most delicate of tulles, fluorescent and bewildering, was daintily and airily shaken in the face of the astonished night.

    CHAPTER 18

  • In one of the neighborhoods I lived in there was a classic corner candy store, one that had a long formica counter flanked by revolving red-topped stools; behind the counter was perched a sea-green malted mixer, a bleacher stacked with Neccos, Chuckles, B-B Bats and Yoo-Hoos, a large tarnished griddle upon which hamburger patties and home fries hissed and popped, and the whole space seemingly lit in sepia.

    Steven Weber: In a Sense, Abroad Part Trois: I's Real, Oy!

  • So, okay, he must have left sometime after 1100 hours G.M.T. but before 1145 hours G.M.T., at almost exactly which time I returned to the cabin and brushed as well as I could all the particles of snow still clinging to my wool jacket and gloves and knitted ski cap, sea-green, and my blue jeans and rugged, well-worn work boots.

    Self-Destruction, Vol. 1

  • This only added to the sea-green mysteries of mlukhieh.

    Day of Honey

  • The design elements include tasteful sea-green painted wooden posts that will soon grow with clematis and climbing roses.

    Going Nuts in Manhattan

  • I remember the sea-green background on the dead boy's school picture, and the striped tie his mother made him wear that day, and the toothy smile on his face, as if he'd just been told his future would be one joyous adventure after another.

    Charlie Carillo: How I "Made My Bones"


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