self-sustaining love



from The American Heritage® Dictionary of the English Language, 4th Edition

  • adj. Able to sustain oneself or itself independently.

from Wiktionary, Creative Commons Attribution/Share-Alike License

  • adj. Able to provide for one's own needs without help from others; self-sufficient.
  • adj. Opposing or rejecting exterior influence; independent.

from The Century Dictionary and Cyclopedia

  • Self-supporting.

from WordNet 3.0 Copyright 2006 by Princeton University. All rights reserved.

  • adj. able to provide for your own needs without help from others


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  • Republicans, on the other hand, believe long-term self-sustaining jobs are created in the private sector—that government cannot tax, spend and borrow our nation to prosperity.

    A 2012 Republican Strategy for Congress

  • Giving airtime to these kinds of people is part of how Fox reinforces the drumbeat of stereotypes that permeates the rest of its coverage, and how it ensures its viewers subscribe to what Greg referred to as the "self-sustaining, self-perpetuating alternate reality" where America is on the verge of establishing sharia law and where an anti-white hate group has influence in the White House.

    Fox News's parade of buffoons

  • Tuesday morning's economic data south of the border add to the growing sense that the U.S. is trending in the right direction, while serving as a reminder that the American recovery is a long way from what economists call "self-sustaining."

    The Globe and Mail - Home RSS feed

  • In the late 1960s, hundreds of hippies left the cities and suburbs to establish self-sustaining communes.

    A Renegade History of the United States

  • For us, it was a self-contained, nearly self-sustaining, community surrounded by some of the richest hunting lands known in the Great Northwest.

    The Art of Seducing a Naked Werewolf

  • The point of reading Kafka's fiction is not, it seems to me, to arrive at a conclusion that the world we live in is absurd, or frightening, or grotesque, but that the world Kafka has created is self-sustaining and entirely logical.

    Translated Texts

  • As Singh later recalled, “the predominant mood of the times at that time was that in poor countries you needed strong government intervention to move the economy onto a path of self-sustaining growth.”

    Zero-Sum Future

  • And, as the Kagans point out, this confidence must come from self-sustaining institutions, one of which is a functioning judiciary which promotes the rule of law long after the battle has been won.

    Momentum, Progress and Afghanistan

  • By establishing a Green Bank to provide adequate start-up capital and rebates for the cost of expanding a clean energy company, we can dramatically accelerate the growth a self-sustaining and highly-profitable green economy.

    Janice Hahn: The Economy May Be Growing Once Again, But It Certainly Isn't Growing Fast Enough

  • This means the media calling out hate speech for what it is, identifying terrorism for what it is, and not creating a self-sustaining empty spokesperson of blame by reporting on anything Sarah Palin says.

    John Wellington Ennis: It's Not Sarah Palin's Fault


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