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  • I got shet of the idea of sellin 'her and was goin' to keep her myself.

    Sundown Slim

  • He's a whole lot of me now, an 'sellin' him would be like sellin '


  • Mah Daddy learned how to disappear an 'make a livin' sellin 'insurance to mama's kinfolk ever day while mama learned how to make a mean bourbon & branch and I ask you who contributed more to the family's success such as it was?

    "Teach a women to fish"

  • Ballyards said to Millreagh; and, "Sure, the man makes his livin 'sellin' sausages!" it said to Pickie when Pickie bragged of the great grocer who had joined the Yacht Club in order that he might issue a challenge for the Atlantic Cup.

    The Foolish Lovers

  • Mr. Baxter, or Mr. Bowman, or whatever his name is, used to make a livin 'sellin' gold bricks.

    Scattergood Baines

  • My business is runnin 'off horses an' sellin ''em -- an' I ain't holdin 'up no banks fer a side line.

    Prairie Flowers

  • But all that time I'd been feelin 'a little sneaky on account o' sellin 'Pinky, an' as soon as we dropped anchor I had the boys pull me ashore, an 'I chartered a white mule an' shapes my course for the hacienda of this Don Luiz Miguel y Oreña.

    Captain Scraggs or, The Green-Pea Pirates

  • I been thinkin 'this thing over, an' as master o 'this ship an' the one who does the biddin 'in o' these two Chinks at th 'sale, it's up to me t' try an 'bring you both out with a profit, an' I think th 'sellin' should be left to me.

    Captain Scraggs or, The Green-Pea Pirates

  • I ran away and slept in barrels and crawled into coal shutes till I was big enough to earn a livin 'sellin' papers.

    The Foolish Virgin

  • He pulled stakes an 'hit the breeze runnin' sellin 'out for a song to a guy named Haydon.

    'Drag' Harlan


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