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  • abbr. seminary
  • abbr. semester
  • abbr. semicolon

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  • n. An abbreviation of seminary
  • n. of Semitic.


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  • I want to take the value of id, from the table tblmarks with these conditions reg_no should be eqal to $reg_no year = $year sem = $sem

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  • I teach at Wendover High School, Utah's only NASA Explorer School. ... this year I'm facing a similar dilemma Due to cut backs the sub-sem is no longer happening, but the NES brought my attention to a new opportunity of having an experiment flown out of New Mexico.

    Why Be Accurate? - NASA Watch

  • An example is thinking "mind" or the Tibetan word "sem" when we have only the idea of the sound of the word "mind" or "sem," but no idea whatsoever of what it means.

    The Gelug-Kagyu Tradition of Mahamudra ��� 5 The Deeper Levels of Mahamudra Meditation

  • From repeatedly abiding in rigpa, we cut the continuity of sem, which is the immediately preceding condition (de-ma-thag rkyen) for our experience being comprised of our ordinary five aggregate factors (phung-po lnga).

    The Major Facets of Dzogchen

  • In high school Joe is a star athlete and in the seminary (the "sem") he pushes hard during the competitions of ostentatious piety that go on, and there is a wonderful episode about an actual hair shirt that he gets hold of.

    Waiting for God in Inglenook

  • See also Davos) basically sabotaging their (Obama's?) initiative, after all of J'sem's warmongering toward the Mullah's?

    Israel Palestine Blogs

  • But the real reason I am posting is to take exception to the notion that there is no background music in life - at least in Mexico and by that I mean pleasant, life-affirming music since we are forunate to have a large mature garden just off Lake Chapala and I have never lived anywhere with anything approaching the numbers of songbirds we have here despite having lived in rural and sem-rural environments before.

    USAA expands membership eligibility

  • Esta acção foi realizada baseando-se no sentimento de invisibilidade que a maioria dos sem-abrigo sente.

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  • Para consciencializar as pessoas sobre a invisibilidade dos sem-abrigo, esta campanha foi realizada para incitar as pessoas a contribuir para a vida dos sem-abrigo comprado a revista que geralmente vendem na rua.

    Archive 2009-01-01

  • Depois de ver o documentário "I love trash", sobre dumpster diving (recolha de lixo) onde dois amigos decidiram fazer uma experiência com o lixo, eles procuraram viver 3 meses sem comprar nada, apenas recolhendo tudo do lixo.

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