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  • adj. Of partial or questionable legality.


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semi- +‎ legal


  • For $25, you can visit a "semilegal" firing range in Cambodia. $135 gets you a 2 hour course in gladiator school in Rome.

    TREND HUNTER - The Latest Trends

  • In the 1910s, semilegal vice commissions were formed in virtually every major city with the goal of the “absolute annihilation of the Social Evil.”

    A Renegade History of the United States

  • A pioneer of rural development, it had been at the front line of the semilegal town-and-village enterprise movement in the 1980s that went on to become a driving force of the national economy.

    When a Billion Chinese Jump

  • Trade with Iraq has rebounded to an estimated $1 billion annually, much of it semilegal oil trading by Kurd-ish groups.

    The Turkish Dilemma

  • Certainly she had not foreseen her eventual membership on an "advisory" committee that was semilegal at best.

    Diuturnity's Dawn

  • There were people I might have asked to join me on the Barky Hunt: a smart young bodybuilder and an ex-ZP officer who'd started as hired hands and later became my friends; a small group of retired Rampart security agents recruited by Karl Nazarian to assist my semilegal campaign against Galapharma; even several private investigators I'd worked with during my Reversionist period.

    Sagittarius Whorl

  • Later upon the very evening that Switters had hired Inti, the Indian had been caught trying to peddle the ocelot on the fringe of Pucallpa's semilegal parrot market.

    Fierce Invalids Home From Hot Climates

  • There was a legal term for it, with a number of semilegal implications.

    The Complete Federation Of The Hub

  • The wealth of Kezdet s few was based on the sufferings of the many; its low-tech mines and factories were served by unwanted children brought from nearby systems and kept in bondage by a semilegal system which treated them as debtors who must work off their debts.

    Acorna's Quest

  • If the company wanted to play coy with a semilegal visit to a semilegal project, that was okay by him.

    Sentenced To Prism


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