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from The Century Dictionary.

  • noun Perception by means of the senses; also, a perception of an object of sense.


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  • Also worth noting that there is, in general, very little evidence worth speaking of for the existence of these "modules" related to specific behaviours (as opposed to general abilities like sense-perception).

    Economics and Evolution, Arnold Kling | EconLog | Library of Economics and Liberty

  • Lower animals have, in addition, the powers of sense-perception and self-motion (action).

    Capsule Summaries of the Great Books of the Western World

  • Lower animals have, in addition, the powers of sense-perception and self-motion (action).

    Archive 2009-03-01

  • It is worth noting that it is specifically with regard to sense-perception that Epicurus thinks the introduction of a further, nameless kind of substance is called for, rather than, for instance, with regard to intellectual cognition.

    Ancient Theories of Soul

  • Perhaps most pressingly, it is far from clear whether what distinguishes the animate from the inanimate is the very thing that, in the case of some animate organisms, is responsible for cognitive functions such as sense-perception and thought, and that, specifically in the case of human beings, is the bearer of moral qualities such as justice, courage and the like.

    Ancient Theories of Soul

  • One cannot demonstrate that anti-realism about the perception of physical objects is mistaken by reference to a particular sense-perception itself.

    Carry-Over Thread

  • Once we recognize the enormously powerful and fundamental role Epicurus and his followers assign to sense-perception, we will not be surprised to see that they feel the need to include in the composition of the soul a very special kind of material that accounts specifically for sense-perception, but apparently do not think that, in addition to that, some further special material is needed to enable intellectual or rational activity.

    Ancient Theories of Soul

  • Since the formation and application of concepts requires memory, sense-perception, so conceived of, does not involve conceptualization, either.

    Ancient Theories of Soul

  • What this suggests, and what in fact we have independent reason to think, is that on Epicurus 'view, once one is in a position adequately to explain sense-perception, one will then also be in a position to work out an explanation of intellectual cognition, by appropriately extending the explanation of sense-perception.

    Ancient Theories of Soul

  • This obviously is an extremely generous view of what experience, and ultimately sense-perception, can do!

    Ancient Theories of Soul


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