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  • n. Plural form of term.

from WordNet 3.0 Copyright 2006 by Princeton University. All rights reserved.

  • n. status with respect to the relations between people or groups
  • n. the amount of money needed to purchase something


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  • In the node. tpl.php file, I then replaced the existing print $terms line with a reference to my custom terms display function:


  • But the media cannot get enough of this story about the congressman's weiner sorry, I had to in the same way my fifth-grade daughter and her classmates are obsessed with discovering all the slang terms for that part of the male anatomy.

    Joanne Bamberger: Top Five Life Lessons for Congressman Anthony Weiner

  • At the present, what that means in terms is utterly unclear.

    Softly Softly Catchee Monkey

  • This difference in terms is known in classical Greek, but not in the koine Greek of the New Testament.

    Archive 2007-03-01

  • I like it when my slang terms have historical bases like these do.

    Bogus to Bubbly

  • Most of the slang terms in the series are just ordinary words used in a new way—“icy,” “tricks,” “crumbly.”

    Bogus to Bubbly

  • My explanation, in terms of presidential terms, is the following:

    Think Progress » Livingston: The Deficit is All Clinton’s Fault

  • BNA's Electronic Commerce & Law Report reports that a federal court in Pennsylvania has ruled that so long as a forum selection clause in an online contract's terms is readily accessible and clear, requiring users to scroll down or print the contract to see it and other terms is acceptable, and will not absolve a party who clicks "I Agree" without taking the time to view the whole agreement.

    April 5th, 2007

  • The history of the terms is the subject of great conjecture, a popular theory being it stemmed from the word “rogue”.

    Surnames That Reveal Pirate Ancestry | Impact Lab

  • One can understand why Wittgenstein discerned an affinity between the theory of descriptions and his own envisioned “calculus,” for one can extract from his remarks in the Tractatus and elsewhere two somewhat parallel proposals for eliminating what he calls terms for “complexes”:

    Wittgenstein's Logical Atomism


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