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  • n. Either of two cranelike birds (Cariama cristata or Chunga burmeisteri) of southern South America, having a tuftlike crest at the base of the bill and living mostly on land where they feed on snakes, worms, and insects.

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  • n. Either of two species of bird in the family Cariamidae, endemic to South America.

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  • n. either of two large South American birds related to the cranes, the cariama of Southern Brazil (Cariama cristata, formerly Dicholophus cristata) or the Chunga burmeisteri of Argentina. They have an erectile crest and a short, broad bill. They are often domesticated.

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  • n. A remarkable South American bird, whose name is as unsettled in orthography as is its position in the ornithological system.

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  • n. Brazilian Cariama; sole representative of the genus Cariama
  • n. Argentinian Cariama


from The American Heritage® Dictionary of the English Language, 4th Edition

Spanish, from Tupi sariema.

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Native name.


  • Some of the most distinctive birds in the hotspot include two very large species, the rhea (Rhea americana) and the red-legged seriema (Cariama cristata), neither of which are endemic.

    Biological diversity in the Cerrado

  • The seriema-hoatzin clade was closely allied with a cuckoo-turaco clade.

    Goodbye, my giant predatory, cursorial, flightless hoatzin

  • Tonni & Tambussi (1988) described the foot morphology of the Miocene psilopterine Psilopterus and showed that its foot claws were nearly identical to those of the living seriema Cariama cristata.

    More on phorusrhacids: the biggest, the fastest, the mostest out-of-placest

  • The two living seriema species are South American, but members of similar, closely related groups (the bathornithids and idiornithids) inhabited North America from the Eocene to the Miocene and Europe from the Eocene to the Oligocene.

    Archive 2006-10-01

  • Red-legged seriema (Cariama cristata) of the Cerrado grasslands of central Brazil.


  • The seriema is sort of the South American equivalent of Africa's Secretary Bird.

    Big Bird

  • Unless there has been some revolution in higher-level avian cladistics I've been completely ignorant of, the seriema is considered a fairly close relative of these magnificent predators.

    Big Bird

  • Miller and one of the dogs caught a seriema, a big, long-legged, bustardlike bird, in rather a curious way.

    VII. With a Mule Train Across Nhambiquara Land

  • They also developed models of two living species for comparison - an eagle, as well as the terror bird's closest living relative, a South American bird known as the seriema.

  • To see how strong the terror bird's bite might have been, the researchers worked with zookeepers at the La Plata Zoo to get a seriema and an eagle to chomp down on their bite meter.


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  • "The sole extant member of the small and ancient family Cariamidae, which is also the sole surviving family of the Cariamae." So saith Wikipedia.

    April 29, 2009