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  • n. the first pillar of Islam is an affirmation of faith


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  • For example, of the five pillars of Islam, only the first, the shahadah, is more belief-oriented than a practice like the other four.

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  • On the walls there were colorful paintings of old Baghdad streets, with their overhanging balconies; pastel paintings of mosques; a drawing of the Grand Mosque in Mecca, inscribed with the shahadah, the Muslim profession of faith; a watercolor of the family tree of the Prophet Muhammad, in reds and blues; and the ninety-nine names of God printed in Arabic calligraphy.

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  • So if Obama was registered at the public school as a Muslim, and took the religious instruction for Muslims, then he must have recited the shahadah.

    Sound Politics: Re: Giuliani is looking interesting

  • (And even there, we recite the shahadah at least once in every prayer.)

    Questions about Islam

  • There are a number of conditions attached to the recitation to the shahadah in order for a reversion to be valid, one of which is sincerity: to become a Muslim, one must be sincere in his or her beliefs.

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  • I'm putting this post up partly because of my pride in this masjid (it was where I first made shahadah), but also because I appreciated this minister's open-mindedness, which shows quite clearly in his writing.

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  • Softy that I am, I actually started to get a little teary-eyed when the one woman (not one of the intervieweees) announced that she wanted to take the shahadah right then and there.

    Turning Muslim in Texas

  • Do more research on Islam and possibly consider taking the shahadah and officially becoming a Muslim, if you aren't already.

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  • Troussier pronounced the shahadah (Islamic declaration of belief: 'There is no God but Allah, and Muhammad is His messenger') before two witnesses, according to the website mekkaoui. net. - Articles related to Remade in NY: French ex-1st lady has new life

  • Even for those who are raised as Muslims, we believe they must take the shahadah in order to be considered a Muslim once they reach the age of being able to understand everything.



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  • the First Pillar of Islam: profession of faith.

    October 7, 2007