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  • Having a sharp-pointed tail: as, the sharp-tailed grouse, Pediœcetes phasianellus or colwmbianus, the common prairie-hen of northwestern parts of America. See cut under Pediœcetes.
  • Having acute or acuminate tail-feathevs: specifically said of a finch, Ammodromus caudacutus, a small sparrow of the marshes of eastern parts of the United States and Canada, and of a sandpiper, Actodromas acuminata, of Alaska and Asia.


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  • Where early travelers saw sharp-tailed grouse, bison, bighorn sheep, grizzly bears, numerous beaver and even wolverines, today they see dust, feral horses, and noxious weeds including cheatgrass, halogeton and Russian thistle.

    Bird Cloud

  • In Montana you cannot shoot a sharp-tailed grouse in the C.M. Russell Game Range with a lead shotshell!

    Should Non-Toxic Shot Be Mandatory for Doves?

  • I saw a sharp-tailed grouse fly into a barb-wire fence one time in northeastern Montana and kill itself.

    Bourjaily on Goose Hunting with a Rake

  • Amongst birds, for example, there is evidence that ecological specialists and rare species such as the willet, seaside sparrow and sharp-tailed sparrow are less abundant in P. australis stands than non-P. australis stands.

    Phragmites australis - cryptic invasion of the Common Reed in North America

  • The sharp-tailed grouse, greater prairie chicken, and bobwhite are present in fair numbers; but the northern greater prairie chicken is classified as threatened.

    Great Plains Steppe Province (Bailey)

  • Sage grouse, greater prairie chickens, and sharp-tailed grouse are present in the area.

    Great Plains-Palouse Dry Steppe Province (Bailey)

  • Nestled near the foothills of the Gallatin Mountains and near Yellowstone Park, his 10-acre property abuts a hay farm and a sheep ranch, where he shoots Hungarian partridges and sharp-tailed grouse in the fall.

    Indoors With a Poet of the Outdoors

  • Fauna of the Coorong includes migratory waders such as red-necked stints (Calidris ruficollis), sharp-tailed sandpipers (C. acuminata), and curlew sandpipers (C. ferruginea).

    Naracoorte woodlands

  • Common bird species include the common redpoll, gray jay, common raven, red-throated loon, northern shrike, sharp-tailed grouse and fox sparrow.

    Taiga ecoregion (CEC)

  • The Plover Warden Diaries: saltmarsh sharp-tailed sparrow skip to main

    saltmarsh sharp-tailed sparrow


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