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  • n. Plural form of sharpshooter.


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  • Authorities responded by blocking off streets, evacuating homes and businesses, surrounding the bus with police, and calling in sharpshooters and an armored vehicle.

    False alarm rattles cautious New York

  • They played a million pranks, using the fact that they looked like twins, became known as sharpshooters, but also known for never aiming at a human being, using their weapons to warn, not harm.

    Archive 2004-02-01

  • A correspondent from General Sherman's army says that the Whitworth rifle in use by the Southern skirmishers and sharpshooters is a weapon greatly to be feared, as persons nearly a mile and a half from the

    Foreign and Colonial Intelligence

  • Gortney said that the sharpshooters were able to pick off their targets with a single shot because they were “extremely, extremely well-trained”.

    Speaking Like A Pirate « Tales from the Reading Room

  • Among these forbidden means are to be reckoned the appointment of subjects to act as spies, or engaging subjects or even strangers to act as assassins, or poisoners (in which class might well be included the so called sharpshooters who lurk in ambush for individuals), or even employing agents to spread false news.

    The Science of Right

  • Staff looked into other options and ways other counties have handled deer overpopulation and determined the sharpshooters were the most economical option, Knight said. - Local News

  • It wouldn't surprise me to see "sharpshooters" brought into these areas for a fee instead of allowing bowhunters to pay for the privlege of culling the excess deer.

    News: Ohio Plans to Reduce Deer Herd

  • Perhaps Ray Kelly should be making sure his "sharpshooters" are using UMC or Wolf ammo.

    The NYPD Needs Your Help!

  • But I do wish that it could be accomplished by hunters rather than New Zealand "sharpshooters" who are the ones who the contract for this.

    Pig Follies again

  • Thus, at no time the literal translation of strel'tsy would be close to "sharpshooters," a modern term meaning highly skilled marksmen.

    Cranberry Jello


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