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  • noun A path or track made by cows.


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  • Daylight could not persuade himself to keep to the travelled roads that day, and another cut across country to Glen Ellen brought him upon a canon that so blocked his way that he was glad to follow a friendly cow-path.

    Chapter VIII

  • Then the woods and brush got so thick, and me not finding any more trail, we followed the cow-path down to a big creek and crawled through the fence which showed where the Home land stopped.


  • Then they followed the cow-path through more woods and thickets and scattered glades, and dropped down the hillside to where the farm-house, poised on the lip of the big canon, came into view only when they were right upon it.

    Chapter XXIV

  • An hour later Lute and Chris turned aside from the road and dipped along a cow-path down the high bank to water the horses, before going into camp.

    Jack London's Short Story: Planchette

  • A cow-path, more trees and thickets, and he dropped down a hillside to the southeast exposure.

    Chapter VIII

  • The trail became a cow-path, the cow-path became a wood-road, which later joined with a hay-road; and they rode down through the low-rolling, tawny California hills to where a set of bars let out on the county road which ran along the bottom of the valley.

    Jack London's Short Story - Planchette

  • The wagon-road became a wood-road, the wood-road became a cow-path, and the cow-path dwindled away and ceased among the upland pastures.

    Chapter 18: The Shadow of Sonoma

  • (Soundbite of music) HERMES: The thing I like best about Brad Paisley, though, is his songwriting wit, which feels true to country tradition, while generally sidestepping cow-path cliches.

    Brad Paisley Shifts Into Witty '5th Gear'

  • It was evident that the skipper was as good a guide on land as he was a pilot at sea, for he led his little party at a steady gait by a winding cow-path through the thick undergrowth.

    Frontier Boys on the Coast or in the Pirate's Power

  • He left the road and, dismounting, guided his wheel between projecting roots and stumps, down through a winding cow-path which led to a lick below.

    Joyce's Investments A Story for Girls


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