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  • n. A swindler; someone who is adept at conning others; a con artist.


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sharp +‎ -ster


  • For all of Neville Tree's illustrious parentage, the man was no better than a common sharpster.

    red dust

  • Every layabout and lackwit and sharpster from the length and breadth of the empire was migrating to the city.

    Water Sleeps

  • No husband, no sons; fair prey for any sharpster comes a-calling, claiming family.

    Drums of Autumn

  • He made a quick jump, pegged Ellis as being afraid of Smith, Smith hating Loew on general principles: as a sharpster Jew lawyer son of a bitch.

    The Big Nowhere

  • Johnny had been giving him the flsheye ever since he walked in the door, ten days since he kiboshed the squeeze on Lucy Whitehall and bought the guinea sharpster off with five Mickey C-notes.

    The Big Nowhere

  • And that sharpster would hornswoggle old Buck before breakfast, without me to look out for him. "

    Moon Shadow

  • Count your blessings - one's a farmgirl who had much rather be a fighter than a Herald-Mage, thank you; one's a very bewildered young man who can't for a moment imagine why he was Chosen and as a result has no confidence whatsoever; and the third is an overly confident sharpster who's actually a convicted lawbreaker! "

    Magic's Promise


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  • The word sharpster refers to someone who is a con artist, or swindler.

    July 6, 2012