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  • noun uncountable A building material comprising a sheet of gypsum sandwiched between two pieces of heavy paper, used mainly for interior walls and ceilings; drywall
  • verb To install and finish sheetrock.


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A proprietary name (originally, and also, Sheetrock); from sheet +‎ rock.


  • The what-you-might-call sheetrock is something like the tent fabrics you use on Mars, only it hardens.

    Loose end, tidied up

  • Replaced a two-foot section of pipe, we're running the dehumidifer to dry the sheetrock, which is probably going to be salvageable.

    crowbars in the sheetrock, the saga continues again

  • Sometimes know as sheetrock or gypsum board, drywall is used to for finishing walls and ceilings in homes and other buildings.


  • Smith said construction materials are defined as sheetrock, shingles or anything torn down because of the storm.

    The Natchez Democrat

  • Most stuff in the US is sheetrock with an application of tape and "sheetrock" mud in either a smooth or textured surface.

    Tirol / Estuco (Stucco)

  • Supplies such as sheetrock, doors and windows were made from recycled items.


  • Supplies such as sheetrock, doors and windows were made from recycled items.


  • Retrofitting won't be cheap; not just the basic structural work, but then all the work inside to re-sheetrock/paint after the walls and beams are beefed up, plus when you do a remodel it's always a good time to get new carpets, drapes, and furniture ....

    You knew this was coming (Jack Bog's Blog)

  • But while concrete floors already scuffed, painted sheetrock, off-the-shelf hardware and some very Gehryesque plywood lockers all attest to the architect's sturdy pragmatism, chances are that the interior will be attentively preserved in the future.

    Gehry Leaves the Risks to the Kids

  • There have been some noted quality issues in the past couple of years, particularly in the areas of construction materials such as structural steel or sheetrock in addition to pet foods and toxic paints on toys.

    Hu Jintao's visit: the story the media missed | Dean Baker


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  • I can just imagine what builders and labourers call it.

    March 24, 2016