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  • The "shmeat" could be grown in thousands of tanks in big buildings like the Searswillis Tower (after the bureaucrats have all gone fishin '). Main RSS Feed

  • From a piece on Earth Hour, to a piece on shmeat (test tube meat ... what?!), to keeping live chickens in your backyard, to 24 ways to green your life (these weren't the run of the mill change your lightbulbs - I actually picked up several new ideas!), to a great piece on Raj Patel, a food activist who supports fair trade but knows that alone won't save the world either ...

    Common Ground

  • Or, in the words of holistic farmer and author Joel Salatin - whose farming practices were immortalized in Michael Pollan's The Omnivore's Dilemma - "Even if we could make shmeat, how do we know that whatever we create is not going to become a technological master?"

    Whole Life Times

  • This shmeat could, in theory, be harvested in vast quantities and used in minced meat products: burgers, nuggety things, or potted meat-food products, etc.

    Whole Life Times

  • Once the cells multiply they are attached to a spongy scaffold or "sheet" (sheet + meat = shmeat) that has been soaked with nutrients and stretched to increase cell size and protein content.

    Whole Life Times

  • Likewise, shmeat will ease into the food system, where it will be easily assimilated, not labeled and minimally regulated.

    Whole Life Times

  • While you sort it all out, you can bet that shmeat, like it or not, will indeed come to a supermarket near you, and that it will become a part of the complex puzzle of feeding the planet.

    Whole Life Times

  • In all likelihood, shmeat will need additives and flavor enhancers to make it palatable.

    Whole Life Times

  • What shmeat needs, in addition to more research and venture capital, is a market of willing eaters.

    Whole Life Times

  • Test-tube meat is also known as in vitro meat, cultured meat, victimless meat, vat-grown meat, hydroponic meat and, finally, shmeat.

    Whole Life Times


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  • "Shmeat (also known as cultured meat, hydroponic meat, test-tube meat, vat-grown meat, victimless meat and vitro meat) is the nickname given to lab created meat grown from a cell culture of animal tissue. The process is pretty straight forward and the process is similar to how scientists already grow patches of human skin."


    September 3, 2009