from The Century Dictionary and Cyclopedia

  • n. An outer coat commonly used by sportsmen, generally made of corduroy, dogskin, or duck, and containing one or more large inside pockets for holding game. Also called shooting-jacket.


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  • Fourthy, fifthly, and lastly, another couple: newly married too, if one might judge from the endearments they frequently interchanged: of whom I know no more than that they were rather a mysterious, run-away kind of couple; that the lady had great personal attractions also; and that the gentleman carried more guns with him than Robinson Crusoe, wore a shooting-coat, and had two great dogs on board.

    American Notes for General Circulation

  • I then beheld, reclining on his back upon the floor, on a kind of mattress or divan, a little man in a shooting-coat.

    Reprinted Pieces

  • I was present at an execution in Rome, for a most treacherous and wicked murder, and not only saw the same kind of assemblage there, but, wearing what is called a shooting-coat, with a great many pockets in it, felt innumerable hands busy in every one of them, close to the scaffold.

    Miscellaneous Papers

  • On turning to observe him, they perceived a person making towards them dressed in a clean grey shooting-coat, white trousers, black hat — in fact, a very decent-looking man.

    Ralph Rashleigh

  • That little man in the square-cut coat — we may almost call it a shooting-coat — swinging an umbrella and wearing no gloves, is no less a person than the Lord

    Phineas Finn

  • But Frank had in some mysterious way drawn his hat very far over his forehead, and had buttoned his shooting-coat up round his chin.

    Doctor Thorne

  • With a stout walking-stick in his hand, and a short shooting-coat, and a wide-awake hat in much better trim than

    Uncle Silas

  • He did not know where he was, but saw sitting on the trunk of a tree, which had been cut down, a man who was well dressed and wore a green shooting-coat.

    Household Tales

  • And he put on a new shooting-coat, the buttons on which were elaborate, and a wonderful waistcoat worked over with foxes 'heads.

    Can You Forgive Her?

  • They had all left the water, and were sitting or standing about at their toilets, in all costumes, from a shirt upwards, when they were aware of a man in a velveteen shooting-coat approaching from the other side.

    Tom Brown's Schooldays


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