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  • n. A haphazard collection of software assembled in terms of quantity rather than quality.
  • n. Traditional media content, such as printed news reports, republished hastily on the Internet without considering the needs and capabilities of that medium.


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shovel +‎ -ware


  • Most of the stories on these sites are mere "shovelware," meaning print articles are tossed online without much thought.

    Michael Koretzky: College Journalists Are Good at Consuming Multimedia but Bad at Making It. Why?

  • The best producers resent the "screen is a screen is a screen" meme because it frees those who are less scrupulous to throw "shovelware" into a scary, fast-changing market.

    David Kleeman: "A Screen Is a Screen Is a Screen" Is a Meme

  • While gamers lament the deluge of cheaply made games (dubbed "shovelware") aimed at capitalizing on the Wii's mainstream popularity, many of those titles speak to their broad audience and support the company's new directive.

    Console Wars: Who Won 2008?

  • Web purists would call it "shovelware," a repository of dozens of documents outlining the cult's history and its leaders 'addled philosophy.

    Blaming The Web

  • "This is the worst of what magazines are trying to do recently," said one agent – that is, looking at literary or journalistic output as "shovelware" that can be fed into other forms.

    Tina Brown's Innovation? Chintzing the Writers

  • In my day, the internet was carried on lighter than air dirigibles and the term for this was "shovelware," the steaming pile left behind when an old media pachycephalosaurus like George or Modern Bride would make no effort to engage on its own terms the then-young world wide web (the graphical and multimedia portion of the internet).

    Reason Magazine

  • One of the great fears gamers have for new platforms is that they'll become repositories for "shovelware," basically games that were developed for other devices, then ported without any finesse just to make a quick buck. is a prime example of that sort of game-essentially, Toy Boy Diaries with no story, deeper gameplay, or decent graphics.

    iLounge | All Things iPod, iPhone, iTunes and beyond

  • Hudson Soft, and while I was admittedly harsh on the game, which had a decent control scheme but suffered from being extremely simplistic, it was also a game I could easily throw into the "shovelware" category to some extent.

    IGN Complete

  • Majesco is another publisher whose games have skirted the "shovelware" category, but have turned a tidy profit for the company.

    PSP World

  • The crappy "shovelware"; programs that come with most Windows PCs are a perfect example - they often nag users, are frequently of little value, and often detract from the experience.



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  • The Guardian, January 2015:

    The top end of laptops is a world of brushed aluminium and fancy features. The bottom end is a world of crappy plastic and shovelware, with computers shipped full of borderline spyware in order to pad out the minuscule margins earned by their manufacturers.

    January 14, 2015

  • I trust it's shovel-ready.

    December 8, 2009

  • The shovelware era is over. The challenge now is how to use new media as if traditional media had never existed -- to utilize new media's myriad advantages over traditional media. --Vin Crosbie, ClickZ

    October 30, 2008