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  • n. A case or inclosure of which all or some of the sides are of glass, intended to keep small and delicate or valuable objects from dust and injury, while leaving them in plain sight, whether in a museum or in a place of sale.


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  • Some architectural and interior design practices have also experimented with using Second Life as a virtual show-case for their designs, inviting clients and other stakeholders to view, fly-through and discuss online.

    Ten things to manage in a recession: 2 – meetings « pwcom 2.0

  • Minnesota isn't exactly a show-case state of T-Paw accomplishments.

    McCain's V.P. guru picks Pawlenty for donation

  • She had not noticed his entrance, being busy with one other customer, an urchin of six or seven who gravely analyzed his desires before the show-case wherein truly generous and marvellous candy creations reposed under a cardboard announcement, "Five for Five Cents."

    Chapter 2

  • Being more like a show-case rather than a governmental body with actual powers and initiatives, the

    OpEdNews - Diary: Positive premiere, high expectations

  • Further, as Bartholomew added, von Campe's expressed admiration of Augusto Pinochet for having "prevented the totalitarian take-over of Chile by the Allende/Castro gang and their armed thugs" and "transformed his country into an envied show-case for the whole of Latin America and returned Chile to democracy" shows that "being a ruthless military dictator who liquidated opponents is not necessarily a bad thing."

    Terry Krepel: Hilmar von Campe, Apt Pupil

  • In this series, I knew that I wanted to show-case eggs in one of the posts, and today, eggs form a pair with potatoes in some Nargisi Kebabs.

    Archive 2007-04-01

  • The regional dish that I wanted to show-case in this series was a no-brainer.

    Archive 2007-06-01

  • The goal is to show-case and otherwise promote what libraries and librarians are doing online

    April 2007

  • We will go through the letters A to Z and make a dish with each letter to show-case Marathi cuisine.

    Archive 2006-01-01

  • Burke's Corner has previously suggested that the bourgeois equality seen in the Nordic countries, rather than being a show-case for social democratic economic policies, actually exemplifies the importance of conservative cultural virtues, not the least of which is social and cultural homogenity.

    Inequality is a conservative issue


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