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  • v. Present participle of shrivel.


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  • Certainly when I was doing it regularly myself, between twenty and twenty-five years ago, there seemed to be a lot of competition; now I guess a combination of increased concerns about crime (from both hitcher and driver) and a general shrivelling of generosity in society has cut down drastically on the numbers.

    April Books 1) The Emperor's Babe, by Bernardine Evaristo

  • He felt himself shrinking and shrivelling as she stepped out on the stoop.


  • Developed and developing nations were united when confronted with the collapse of world trade and the shrivelling of industrial output but are finding it harder to keep the show on the road now that the immediate crisis is over.

    G20 accord: you go your way, I'll go mine

  • By “withering,” I assume you mean shrivelling, fading or decaying.

    Britney and Paris Mum on McCain Ad - The Caucus Blog -

  • The sweat that coated his body was starting to reek and he felt himself shrivelling under her gaze as he slipped out of her.

    The Promise

  • Manangatang (n.) - the shrivelling of one's tongue as a direct result of consuming undiluted powered orange beverage mix.


  • This ought to have been fine - if Phaethon had not been like a rock-star's child with a new red Ferrari, scorching off the track, shrivelling crops, turning forest to desert, doubtless melting ice-caps if the Greeks had known about ice-caps, and only stopping when Zeus called a halt with a well-aimed world-saving thunderbolt.

    Divine sex and melting icecaps

  • Jesus emptied himself and became human Phil 2:7 for the specific purpose of offending Ian Sample; not really, but it does illustrate how foolish and arrogant in a 21st C. idiomatic way it is to be “offended” by the idea that a personal encounter with the undisguised infinite could be anything less than shrivelling.

    Shrivelling in the face of the Infinite « Anglican Samizdat

  • The discussion of soul-shrivelling tedium here – which is representative of just about any exchange with an atheist – started me thinking about the seeming incapacity of many atheists to go back to first principles and inspect their unstated assumptions.

    Atheist irrationality « Anglican Samizdat

  • "I feel how wonderful his intellect is," said Ottoline, "and then this awful shrivelling comes over me."

    Biographies Abounding


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  • My adjectival use: 'The shrivelling trees will soon die.'

    August 24, 2011