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  • It is also a rich habitat containing 1,085 species of plants and 1,550 species of animals, including the Baikal seal (Pusa sibirica), one of only three types of freshwater seal.

    Biodiversity 100: actions for Europe

  • Dendroclimatological study on tree-ring width and maximum density chronologies from Picea obovata and Larix sibirica from the North of Krasnoyarsk region (Russia).

    Direct climate effects on tree growth in the Arctic

  • Also present are Japanese hare Lepus brachyurus angustidens, Japanese squirrel Sciurus lis, small Japanese flying squirrel Pteromys momonga, Japanese giant flying squirrel Petaurista leucogenys, Japanese dormouse Glirulus japonicus (EN), raccoon dog Nyctereutes procyonoides, Japanese fox Vulpes vulpes japonica, Japanese marten Martes melampus, ermine Mustela ermina, Siberian weasel Mustela sibirica and Eurasian badger Mele meles.

    Shirakami-sanchi (Shirakami mountains), Japan

  • Species commonly used in protection forests include downy birch, Sukachev larch (Larix sukaczewii), Siberian larch (L. sibirica), lodgepole pine (Pinus contorta), willows, and alder.

    Land tenure and management in the boreal region

  • Forests are predominantly coniferous of Siberian silver fir Abies sibirica, larch Larix sibiricaand pine Pinus sibiricawith mixed forests of aspen Populus Tremula present in the area.

    Golden Mountains of Altai, Russian Federation

  • Milder winters and more winter precipitation in western Siberia during the early Holocene, for example, allowed Norway spruce ( '' Picea abies '') to dominate in areas where Siberian fir ( '' Abies sibirica '') and Siberian stone pine ( '' Pinus sibirica '') have become important forest components during the later Holocene [52].

    Late-Quaternary changes in arctic terrestrial ecosystems, climate, and ultraviolet radiation levels

  • Below the glaciers, icefields sharp ridges and tundra of the three western mountain reserves, lie sub-alpine meadows of moss and lichen, then mountain taiga where Siberian larch Larix sibirica, Dahurian larch L. gmelinii, Siberian stone pine Pinus sibirica and Rhododendron spp. predominate.

    Uvs Nuur Basin, Russian Federation, Republic of Tuva and Mongolia

  • There are also Siberian ibex Capra ibex sibirica, and musk deer Moschus moschiferus (VU), Pallas's cat (manul) Otocolobus manul, Mongolian (bobak) marmot Marmota sibirica, Altai snow-cock Tetraogallus altaiacus, bearded and black vultures Gypaetus barbatus and Aegypius monarchus.

    Uvs Nuur Basin, Russian Federation, Republic of Tuva and Mongolia

  • Those that survive include: Populus nigra, and in the west of the region Tilia cordata, and in the east of the region Tilia sibirica.

    West Siberian broadleaf and mixed forests

  • Ular reserve in the Sangilen highlands has tundra plants above 2,300 m, high subalpine meadow flora, mountain-bogs, mountain Pinus sibirica taiga, larch forest and riverside meadows.

    Uvs Nuur Basin, Russian Federation, Republic of Tuva and Mongolia


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