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  • verb Simple past tense and past participle of sic.


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  • Display: nrated, then Highest ighest Rated First owest Rated First gnore Ratings As usual, the Big Dog is on point but, while BC will do some sort of campaigning for Obama at the edn of the month, if the Obama campaign hasn't "sicced" him on McCain yet it ain't gonna happen.


  • He "sicced" his blog readers on my EDITOR and she was going through a DIVORCE at the time. "


  • It was the president ticking off a list of bogeymen that are supposedly responsible for America's misfortune and then laying out various ways to go after those people: China, millionaires, companies that go offshore, financial firms that need prosecutors sicced on them.

    Mitt's Gloves Are Off

  • So rather than guess how far it was I sicced high technology on the poor animal, put the 300-yard dot on his ribs, and trust me when I tell you that the bullet went exactly where the dot was.

    Kind Words for High-Tech Hunting Gadgets

  • Not only was the official candidate an unambiguous liberal, but she had gained the nomination without a primary and had been involved in a highly embarrassing run-in with the press (when her husband sicced the police on an overly inquisitive reporter).

    Stromata Blog:

  • Her "I do" is the best way for her to get back at Victoria, who sicced one of her thugs on Jack, an innocent bystander in the search for the damning tapes Emily planted on Amanda and one is still under Jack's bed.

    Matt's TV Week in Review

  • This is also the president who has sicced his political arm, Organizing for America, on Madison, allowing the group to fill buses and plan rallies.

    Union Power for Thee, But Not for Me

  • Once again my people, the great unwashed and unlettered, were sicced like dogs on challengers to the status quo.

    Printing: Taking Tea with the Lizards

  • Ann didn't want her old friend to feel that she'd sicced you on him for business opportunities.

    Liz Ryan: Can You Steal an Introduction?

  • Morgenthau enthusiastically sicced the attorneys on the septuagenarian even after they advised him that there was no case.

    FDR, Obama and 'Confidence'


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  • sicced = dry (OED).

    March 25, 2019