from The Century Dictionary and Cyclopedia

  • n. A bed to which one is confined by sickness.


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  • We overlook the petulant manner of our friend who rowed in the losing barges at the race, and we forgive on the moment the sharp answer of the man who has sat three nights by a sick-bed.

    The Kempton-Wace Letters

  • Finally, it seems, we are rising from the sick-bed of Metrophobia, and returning to poetry.

    Kim Rosen: Metrophobia: Are We Afraid Of Poetry?

  • Spontaneous and formulaic at the same time, they combine visual representation — the suffering patient in sick-bed, the scene of an accident, the kneeling supplicant — with textual information about the life-threatening incident and the miraculous intervention of a beloved virgin or saint.

    Pestilence and Headcolds: Encountering Illness in Colonial Mexico

  • The painted scene portrays the sufferer as an upper class woman; although the room is simple, the sick-bed appears to be outfitted with costly, decorative linens and the people attending the patient are dressed quite formally, especially the men.

    Pestilence and Headcolds: Encountering Illness in Colonial Mexico

  • Doña Luisana "being sick from smallpox, and very dangerously so," languishes in her sick-bed, her skin completely covered with a frightful rash, although she appears to be well attended by caregivers.

    Pestilence and Headcolds: Encountering Illness in Colonial Mexico

  • For one thing, you don't want to; where once on a day you couldn't wait to be off your sick-bed and rampaging about, you're now content to lie still and let any handy ministering angels do their stuff.


  • Oh, yeah, I had forgotten about that abuse of our constitutional rights that Cheney ordered with the help of Bush's leetle tejano Alberto Gonzales, and their sick-bed attempted coercion of a semi-conscious Ashcroft in his hospital room.

    Gods and Monsters

  • It was not the idle start of a romantic passion which had fixed his regard, he had seen her in a character which raised her every hour in his highest estimation, attending the sick-bed of a mother he adored with a tenderness and interest that declared the goodness of her heart.

    The Curate and His Daughter, a Cornish Tale

  • I found myself stretched on a sick-bed many miles from the scene of action, and Solmes engaged in attending on me.

    Saint Ronan's Well

  • They still demanded, however, that, in consideration of what had happened, four of their number should remain to watch over the sick-bed of their friend, and that a suitable number of their domestics, well armed, should also remain in the castle.

    The Bride of Lammermoor


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