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  • n. A quest given to the player that has no direct bearing on the main story/campaign of the game. Completion of a sidequest often results in the acquisition of money, items otherwise unavailable or unlocking another sidequest.


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side +‎ quest


  • Jade's role as a photographer isn't a mini-game or sidequest - it's the core of the game.

    Beyond Good & Evil

  • It's amazing that the designers would go to so much effort to put something this interesting into a sidequest.

    Delayed Rant: On Oblivion...

  • Ever since Sony took a right turn onto Arrogant Lane and started proceeding down the lonely path to Bizarre Business Decision Village, I've been predicting that certain third party developers weren't going to be too excited about accompanying them on their pointless egocentric sidequest.

    Dragon Quest IX Exclusive To DS

  • Every enemy you kill and every quest and sidequest you accomplish will get you these.

    IGN Complete

  • As a reward for a sidequest you get a very powerful (and expensive) energy shield.

    IGN Complete

  • This is in order to catch up the people who didn't do the Finding Dustil sidequest yet.

    IGN Complete

  • If a party member sidequest does not trigger when it should, go to Dantooine.

    IGN Complete

  • Decided to do the Dustil Onasi sidequest as soon as I got it rather than wait until I got to Korriban.

    IGN Complete

  • Note: There is some repeated information here if you went ahead and did the Finding Dustil sidequest.

    IGN Complete

  • Hell, I understand why people are upset about FFXIII, but really, just about all FFs are strictly linear affairs, with the optional sidequest here and there (a la FFVII - Wutai).



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