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  • noun UK, pejorative A bald person; somebody with a shaved or hairless head
  • noun UK, slang A euphemism for getting caught doing something stupid; any individual who annoys and frustrates others to the point of making them want to slap their own heads


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slap +‎ head


  • Quite right too: he needs to put on some age (as the Americans say) and showing a bit more of his slaphead is a good way to do it.

    A subdued exchange

  • During the first chance meeting Osborne has alleged that Mandy "dripped pure poison" about Gordon Brown, while friends of Peter Mandelson have alleged that at the same meeting Osborne reciprocated with his own poison about Liam "little shit" Fox and William "slaphead"

    The Daily Pundit

  • What planet is this slaphead 4 eyed Liebour loving prat on?


  • Clegg looks balder, greyer, more of his slaphead on display.

    Cameron gets all the best dividing lines in PMQs

  • Although that said, it may be that some department manager whilst trawling the internet in work looking for animal sex porn or whatever it is that the legions of "timeservers" - slap heads word not mine - do to fill eight hours a day, will come across this and remove slaphead from the job he appears to hate doing.

    Archive 2008-07-01

  • For so long we've all been under the illusion that if you're a slaphead you can't become PM.

    Another Reason to Back Chris Huhne

  • I think Guido's slaphead theory is more reliable on the whole.

    Another Reason to Back Chris Huhne

  • A comment that amused me from the bald slaphead above, was there there was lots of government money to pay the workers what they were owed: Well I shall correct that, there is not.

    Archive 2008-07-01

  • These include spoiling our fun, reacquainting herself with her knicker drawer, deciding whether the slaphead look is really something she wants to stick with and making an album with Timbaland – but first on her list should be sorting out her divorce with Kevin Federline.

    Divorce Kevin, Website Orders Britney Spears

  • Jade Goody – Jade Goody probably thought that the worst Big Brother could throw at her was some slaphead fellatio and a few people screaming "Burn the pig!" at her for a while.

    Celebrity Big Brother Betting Odds: Jade Vs Shilpa – Final Showdown


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