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  • verb Simple past tense and past participle of slap.


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  • As I sat there watching Mayor Bloomberg sign the bill renaming the Queensboro bridge after his predecessor, I suspected he was thinking, "Thank god I don't have to hold my breath for some politician to name something after me; if I want something with my name slapped across it I'll build it myself."

    City's Signs of the Times

  • Slapped cheek syndrome, also known as fifth disease, is a viral infection that leads to a mild illness with flu-like symptoms, plus a reddening of the cheeks which fades and comes back again, hence the name "slapped cheek".

    The Guardian World News

  • Regardless of the label slapped on this higher power ( "God", "Lucifer", the Lords of Kobol, aliens beyond our understanding, etc.), the net effect would have been the same.


  • Finally, Navarro must rid herself of the label slapped on her by both Don Praisner and Ben Kramer: a servant of "special interests."

    Maryland Politics Watch

  • Tom Brady, the reigning league MVP, we're picking Favre to win his first Pats-Jets game, leading the Jets by a touchdown. were the first ones to fall victim to Favre's Jets and when they take on the Arizona Cardinals this Sunday at the University of Phoenix Stadium, '' victim '' will still be the title slapped on Miami when it's all said and done.

    OddJack Gambling Guide on the 2009 NFL Football Season, College Football, the Ultimate Fighting Championships, MLB Baseball, F1, the Wimbledon Championships, Boxing and all Sports Betting Picks, Tips, Odds and Lines

  • So I'm guessing I fall in the "straights can write gay characters" camp, with the caveat that it should be because the character is gay, or needs to be gay, and isn't just having a label slapped on them for effect, or with an eye towards "edginess" or sales.

    The WritingYA Weblog: Summer Blog Blast Tour: Julie Anne Peters

  • I remember Nat Cole doing "Nature Boy," but us rhythm-and blues musicians had had a label slapped on us -- strings were out.

    Brother Ray

  • By the time all is considered in some future historical record (presumably compiled in a more reasonable and intelligent age); that this “new time of Hope” we are about to embark on was just another Clintonian excuse for continued and increased corporate dominance … Just another label slapped over the same-old, non-refundable package deal of lobbyist & elitist control … That, in short, in this future Age of Reason, our descendants look back and realize that we were indeed deceived again (… As those poor lied-to folks always inexplicably were; back in the bad-old days of ignorance, self-deception, and hidden plutocratic rule).

    Heading-off History

  • I’ve heard the label slapped on Kevin Kouzmanoff, Khalil Greene, and Chris Young, among others.

    Falling Off the Bandwagon

  • Good to see Pelosie get slapped from the right by Walsh and the from the left by Sheehan.

    Meet Dana Walsh (R CAND, CA-08). | RedState


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