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  • v. Simple past tense and past participle of sap.


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  • But I think all the years of camping in Girl Guides, with my parents, and then with some super granola boyfriends have kind of sapped me of my camping spirit.

    » Confessions of a Hippie Mama

  • I’d studied the report, memorized its key phrases, enjoying the way the legalistic terms sapped the color from what had happened.


  • I was his elder by half a year, and "sapped" very hard, while he laboured little; so that it will be plain at a glance, although he never acknowledged it, that he was the better endowed of the two with natural ability.

    George Bowring - A Tale Of Cader Idris From "Slain By The Doones" By R. D. Blackmore

  • 10-Qs that rising material costs have kind of sapped the project per dollar of available funding support. Home Page

  • We sapped our emotional strength with divisive feuds.

    The Good Fight

  • That struggle divided the party, wasted weeks of staff time, sapped our fund-raising efforts, and introduced poison into what should have been a triumphant season.

    The Good Fight

  • The idea that we tricked the Soviets into invading Afghanistan sounds clever in retrospect, now that we know the invasion proved to be a catastrophe that sapped Soviet military strength for nearly a decade.

    The Good Fight

  • At least I'm in control of the situation, when I see my hard earned money being involuntarily sapped away by CEO's, corporations, the government, et al. I can't get too excited about a few low level con people trying to scam a few buck with a routine that I can ignore.

    Bad penny (Jack Bog's Blog)

  • Video Bernanke: Fed Can't Do Much About Gasoline Prices Rising gasoline prices, economists say, have sapped consumer confidence and altered spending patterns.

    Drivers Cut Back on $4 Gas

  • Amid a deepening financial crisis that has sapped college endowments, college and university officials are grappling with the growing fear that the Wall Street turmoil could cast a shadow over nearly all their operations.



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