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  • adj. Resembling a slit.


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  • β€œIt was clear to see that she was affected by fetal alcohol syndrome: she had the flattened features, the smooth upper lip, and the slitlike eyes of someone with FAS,” Karp tells me when I reach him at his office in Brooklyn.


  • The room looked bright green as he looked up through the slitlike pupils.

    The Three Furies

  • There was no light at all down there except what leaked in through the slitlike windows located at ceiling level here and there.

    #33 Killer Connections

  • Everyone stared at him, a small brown man with slitlike eyes, a wispy Fu Manchu moustache, and no front teeth.

    The Magician

  • His slitlike eyes made it seem like he was always being blasted by a private sun.

    Foul Lines

  • It was a chaotic, glorious pile of a place, a mishmash of styles and eras, and if Nan could no more have named those styles and eras, she could certainly tell that the blocky stone tower with its slitlike windows that anchored the left was nothing like the mathematical center of more cream-colored brick and tall, narrow windows, which was in turn, nothing at all like the florid wing thrown up on the right.

    The Wizard Of London

  • Her eyes peered from a mantle of a brow as her slitlike nostrils flared a bit and her gash of a mouth made for a solemn expression.

    No Limits

  • Body temperature was a cool ninety-one degrees, giving his skin an oddly snakelike feel which seemed to match his total hairlessness and slitlike mouth.

    Chain of Attack

  • The slitlike mouth opened a fraction of an inch, just enough to reveal almost human-looking teeth, and then it and the eyes clamped tightly shut, and the entire body stiffened so abruptly it shook the stretcher.

    Chain of Attack

  • After the surface temperature had fallen below two hundred degrees centigrade, a vertical slitlike opening appeared along the ship's outer edge.



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