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  • adj. Excessively large; too big; oversize.
  • adv. Too extravagantly, overconfidently.

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  • adj. Too large; too great.

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  • adj. excessively large


from Wiktionary, Creative Commons Attribution/Share-Alike License

From over- +‎ large.


  • Through a clumsy, hurried dressing into petticoat and gown whose buttons seemed suddenly overlarge, the fabric harsh against flesh still tender from lovemaking.

    Earl of Durkness

  • It contains nothing fantastical, except for the mere overlarge size of the house in which the toadlike grotesques slump and commit arson or murder, and the world is more dreary, disenchanting, and mundane than our world, not less.

    Voice Of The Fans: What Books Have You Stopped Reading?

  • It was true she was not pretty; her eyes bulged, and her features were overlarge for her oval face, but there was something arresting about the look of her.

    Exit the Actress

  • Ryanair -- easily the worst non-Russian airline I've ever flown -- will now fine passengers 30 Euros if they're caught with overlarge carry-ons.

    Boing Boing

  • Like Welles, Laughton had a face perfect for conveying sensuous depravity, with that overlarge lower lip doing half the work for him.

    The Mannionville Daily Gazettes Favorite Blog of the Day: Favorite Film Blogger Anniversary Edition

  • I suppose if the publsher wants to pay that kind of money to ferry this loser of a non-writer around, it's their dime, but all it really does is feed her overlarge and undeserved ego.

    Palin aide downplays use of private jet

  • A white shirt with overlarge armholes swung wide as she fought, revealing flashes of her small breasts, nipples erect from the thrill of combat.


  • A modernist vacation cottage in the woods of Argentina uses an overlarge door to resist the sense of smallness and to add a feeling of luxury.

    Living Within Less

  • Buckshaw, the estate, is almost a character in its own right here, with its overlarge wings, hidden laboratory, and pinched front gates.

    The Sweetness at the Bottom of the Pie by Alan Bradley: Questions

  • I furthermore find it galling when some grade school educated geezer thinks he has the direct pipeline to the allmighty, when all that he has are opininions and an overlarge ego.

    Man made global warming? No way!


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