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  • verb Simple past tense and past participle of aggrandize.


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  • Sorry Alice but none of your arguments hold any water ... perhaps you've been too seduced by the overly "aggrandized" wines of France and Italy to understand that nuance, art and romance in winemaking do indeed reside in the New World.

    I Guess Alice Feiring Doesn't Like Long Island Wine...Or Hasn't Tasted Much of It

  • BEHAR: Well you know the thing about it is she kind of aggrandized (ph) herself at your expense.

    CNN Transcript Dec 17, 2009

  • The problem now is not an overweening Congress but an aggrandized executive branch; still, the remedy is the same.

    The Founders’ Great Mistake

  • I read the article associated with the link you provided and my initial evaluation was that many, if not all of the claims were either entirely false or heavily aggrandized.

    Heroes or Villains?

  • Such lies might seem harmless, especially when legitimate veterans have been known to tell aggrandized tales to make their service seem a bit more exciting.

    Phony Veterans and POW's - Article Index

  • Today Congress exhibits the worst kind of partisan behavior, with almost zero focus on the electorate, and excessive focus on self-aggrandized power brokering.

    6 posts from February 2010

  • In the run-up to Veterans Day there are always dozens (if not hundreds) of well-intentioned articles written about veterans and military service, and some will be written about people who never served in the military, or whose aggrandized claims do not accurately reflect their actual service record.

    Heroes or Villains?

  • Most of us came here ignorant and, with the soothings of a second sons, stayed ignorant, bred for stamina and guts, never knowing about The Big ToolBox that would have aggrandized those qualities.

    Jane-Howard Hammerstein: "You Can't Handle the Truth" ... Col. Jessup (a/k/a Jack Nicholson)

  • Guests will be either aggrandized or antagonized, based on party alignment and time slot.

    Candy Crowley Unlikely Journey To Sunday Morning Show Host

  • Their slightest charities aggrandized, their failings easily forgiven and forgotten, inculpable colossi towering over their lessers, imposing themselves and shattering lives with a casual indifference born of self-affected ambition.



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