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from Wiktionary, Creative Commons Attribution/Share-Alike License

  • n. Fine powder; flour.
  • n. Smitham.
  • n. Zest, energy; pluck.

from The Century Dictionary and Cyclopedia

  • n. The powder or finest part of ground malt; also, powder, of whatever kind.
  • n. Sagacity; quickness of apprehension; gumption; spirit; mettle.
  • n. Ore small enough to pass through the wire bottom of the sieve ; in coal-mining, fine slack ; also, a layer of clay or shale between two beds of coal


Old English smeodoma. (Wiktionary)


  • There's naethin 'waur nor Sim MacTaggart oot there i' the gairden, wastin 'his wund on a wumman that's owre muckle ta'en up i' the noo wi 'the whillywhaes o' a French sneckdrawer that haesnae the smeddum to gi'e her a toozlin 'at the' oor she needs it maist.

    Doom Castle

  • He'll want smeddum and manly discipline; that's the stuff to make the soldier.

    Gilian The Dreamer His Fancy, His Love and Adventure

  • It wasn't your father – he hasn't the smeddum of a flea – but he wouldn't send you to do what he dassn't do himself.

    Rainbow Valley

  • It wasn't your father -- he hasn't the smeddum of a flea -- but he wouldn't send you to do what he dassn't do himself.

    Rainbow Valley

  • [3] _Trauchle_, a poor trollop who trails about; _smeddum_, grit.

    The House with the Green Shutters

  • But I'm thinkin 'she will be gey cautious in the futur' aboot belittlin 'the smeddum o'

    Camps, Quarters, and Casual Places

  • But this didna shuit my leddy; she wasna to be left afore she said gang! sae she cried him back, an 'he cam, bannet in han'; an 'she leuch, an' made as gien she had been but tryin 'the smeddum o' 'im, an' thoucht him a true k-nicht.


  • 'Ow ay,' answered Robert; 'he's no ill aff for smeddum (spirit) -- that is, gin it be for ony ither body.

    Robert Falconer

  • "For my part," she resumed, recovering her previous posture -- "for my part, it's a very caldrife way of life to dine every day on coffee; broth and beef would put mair smeddum in the men; they're just a whin auld fogies that Mr. Andrew describes, an 'no wurth a single woman's pains."

    The Ayrshire Legatees, or, the Pringle family

  • They were baith bred to mainers by the beuk, and onie ane o 'them had as muckle smeddum and rumblegumtion as the half o' some presbyteries that you and I baith ken.

    The Letters of Robert Burns


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