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  • n. Plural form of smoke.
  • v. Third-person singular simple present indicative form of smoke.


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  • As he chain smokes his way through an interview in his apartment he offers profound insights into the American literary scene in the mid-20th century, but he also spends significant screen time doing little more than contemplating his navel.

    Charles Thomson: Beat Writers Celebrated at London Film Festival with Mixed Results

  • A woman who smokes is put into a specially-constructed machine that burns her entire body with over 3,000 simultaneously lit cigarettes, then suffocates on all the smoke, at which point her corpse is raped.

    10 More “Moralistic Torture Porn” Ideas For Saw V | Best Week Ever

  • He was, too, essentially and curiously the son of his father -- even to his minor tastes, such as his connoisseur's palate for a good wine and his judgment in "smokes" -- and this feeling of a certain detachment from the larger emotions of life was always his father's pose -- the philosopher's.

    A Student in Arms Second Series

  • Martin smokes larger hogs than Mitchell, in a larger rig, and serves his sandwich in more of a pulled form than Mitchell’s East Carolina vinegar and pepper sauce chop.

    A 2009 Big Apple BBQ Block Party Montage

  • In this great region of swamps every mile appears like every other mile until you get well used to it, and are able to distinguish the little local peculiarities at the entrance of the rivers and in the winding of the creeks, a thing difficult even for the most experienced navigator to do during those thick wool-like mists called smokes, which hang about the whole Bight from November till

    Travels in West Africa

  • We saw none of the natives belonging to the range, although their smokes were a very short distance away.

    Australia Twice Traversed, Illustrated,

  • "But this chimney smokes, which is very disagreeable."

    Bohemians of the Latin Quarter

  • While customers may already see some of the new packaging in stores, calling their smokes by their old names may be a harder habit to break than smoking itself. - Local News

  • Megan (Greta Gerwig), her blond best friend with the Farrah cut who smokes, which is practically like wearing a "kill me" sign in these things. | news

  • And don't be asking, "Is it okay if my 16-yr-old protag smokes a doobie?"

    The Debutante Ball


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