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  • n. A cigarette break from work or military duty, often used onboard ship.
  • n. Any similar break from work for a drink, rest, snack, etc.


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From smoke +‎ -o. Thought to be British Merchant Navy slang; from 1865.


  • Anti-smoking campaign group Quit says the colloquial name of a work break should be changed from 'smoko' to 'quito'.

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  • "The term 'smoko' should be relegated to the history books, where it will sit nicely amongst other old-fashioned terms like the 'ladies lounge' and the 'six o'clock swill'."

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  • The long-held Australian tradition of taking a 'smoko' could soon be a thing of the past.

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  • I looked and found no reference to “smoko” so I left.

    Cheeseburger Gothic » The end of smoko.

  • They'll swim for Bespin, my Lord, to have a smoko with a gas-cocky called Calrissian.

    Scar Friends Luncheon Circle

  • —Noko wena hayikona vula lo festele ebusuku loskelem smoko ga lo tshisa malahle zo bulala wena.

    Rainbow’s End

  • Say you've knocked off for a smoko and you'll be back later on.

    CNN Transcript Mar 10, 2007

  • Which, after all the hub-be-de-bub about tasteful lyrics, is a name of a big ol 'dildo - but of course your parents were too fried on the loco-smoko to remember that phallic whoopsie.

    joegood Diary Entry

  • The Ballina Shire Council workers were on a "smoko" this month at the waste management facility when a colleague allegedly offered them the cookies. | Top Stories

  • Drug prank takes the biscuit IT began as a typical council "smoko", where blokes sat and chatted over morning tea. | Top Stories


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  • Australian slang - a rest break. Probably falling into disuse due to the politically incorrect reference to smoking.

    December 6, 2007