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  • n. Plural form of snuffbox.


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  • One day, boredom made me flick through one featuring antique snuffboxes and miniatures.

    Browser's Delight

  • Less significantly, the novel spawned a dizzying explosion of "Tomitudes," or spin-offs, including card games, cheap engravings, jigsaw puzzles, wall hangings, snuffboxes, fountain pens and eponymous products such as "Uncle Tom's Shrinkable Woolen Stockings."

    The Novel That Changed America

  • And we in turn, in reciprocity or revenge, shower our loved ones with antique sword-sticks and baking-soda bottle-rockets, lamp shades in the form of Betty Boop, battered snuffboxes and coffee-table books of chickens.

    Tis the Season to Give Bad Gift

  • Inside the case were snuffboxes, hatpins, razors with bone handles, saltcellars with their dainty sterling silver spoons, and various pieces of jewelry recently acquired at an estate sale.


  • There were engraved bronze wine vessels and bells dating to 700 B.C.; porcelain urns collected by Tang emperors; lacquerware snuffboxes used by Ming empresses; a jade cabbage from the last dynasty, the Ching.

    Unburied Treasures

  • Only on a small table in the corner was there a litter of odds and ends — lacquered snuffboxes, agate brooches, and the like — which looked as though they might include something interesting.

    Nineteen Eighty-four

  • Wandering around during the interval, I saw some lapis lazuli snuffboxes that were that same wonderful indigo, and I thought, "Good, the color exists in the external world."

    Oliver Sacks on Earworms, Stevie Wonder and the View From Mescaline Mountain

  • But in the second half I got restless, and when I saw the snuffboxes again, they were no longer indigo — they were blue, mauve, pink.

    Oliver Sacks on Earworms, Stevie Wonder and the View From Mescaline Mountain

  • Their supplies came in small tins like miniature jerry cans, which was a little disappointing - I had hoped for exquisite enamelled snuffboxes and more of a flourish about the sniffing.

    Gordon Brown, Charlie Whelan and Me

  • "Traces of the Trade" highlights items from the V&A's permanent collection, like snuffboxes and gold paperweights, that had a direct correlation to slavery.

    Special Friends


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