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  • n. A type of tobacco snuff consumed in the form of a moist powder which is placed under the upper lip, without chewing, for extended periods of time.


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From Swedish snus


  • Reynolds, which owns the Grizzly and Kodiak snuff brands, also markets spit-free tobacco pouches called snus and oval-shaped lozenges called orbs.

    Cigarette Sales May Be Off, But Lorillard Still Rolls On

  • Both Altria and Reynolds offer spit-free tobacco products called snus, a type of smokeless tobacco that is popular in Sweden.

    Altria Plans To Test-Market Smokeless 'Tobacco Sticks'

  • The report by the Institute of Medicine coincided with another government-sponsored study showing cigarette use hitting historic lows among U.S. teenagers, even as more youths have turned in recent years to smokeless products such as moist snuff and pouches called snus.

    Report: Too Little Known on Smokeless-Tobacco Risk

  • To make recommendations on these topics the panel asked for more information about the way another smokeless tobacco product, a powder in a pouch called snus, has been marketed.

    Panel Requests More Data About Tobacco Lozenges

  • Research has shown that Swedish-style smokeless tobacco, called snus, is substantially safer than cigarettes and potentially effective in helping smokers stop.

    Smokeless Tobacco to Get Push by Venture Overseas

  • The model for these new brands comes from Sweden, where use of spit-free smokeless tobacco, called snus, is more common among men than smoking.

    Tobacco Road Takes a Turn to the Smokeless

  • Similar to a product popular in Sweden known as snus, the companies are hoping they can attract consumers who have long been wary of traditional forms of snuff.

    Changing Habits

  • A less-common type of snus, which is legal for sale in both Sweden and Denmark, is packaged as loose tobacco, with users forming their own small clumps to place in their upper lips.

    EU Tobacco Ban Meets

  • From his Brussels office, the Swedish lawmaker sells a Scandinavian chewing tobacco called snus (it rhymes with moose).

    EU Tobacco Ban Meets

  • The "spit-free" product is tobacco in small pouches known as snus (rhymes with "goose") placed between cheek and gum.

    Altria Drops New Filter Cigarettes,


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  • "Did you mean anus?" No, I did not...

    September 26, 2012

  • I have used snus and believe me it is NOT spit free. It is smoke free. I was shown (by a Swede nicknamed Swede at the U of M how to place a pinch under the LOWER lip) To swallow is to puke or at least feel like puking. After some use I developed a rough spot on the gum and stopped use. It was the only tobacco form that I could feel - made me a little dizzy.

    June 9, 2012