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  • adj. gentle, insufficient, permissive, nurturing, lenient

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  • Having soft hands


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From the weakness of a strike of woman's hand


  • If such a crime happened today I think Polanski would not be given such a soft-handed treatment. teresa, ohio

    Live Blog from the Anchor Desk 10/01/09

  • As one blue-collar brand after another—Levi's, Wrangler, Dr. Martens—has descended into galling hipsterism, co-opted by soft-handed college students who wear their irony like John Deere baseball caps, Carhartt has managed to stand apart, the secret handshake of the American yeomantry.

    My Carhartt Detroit Jacket

  • *Murray 6-3, 1-1 Nishikori: A low volley from the net followed by a controlled cross-court soft-handed volley from Murray takes the first point.

    Andy Murray v Kei Nishikori – live! | Steve Busfield

  • She remembered the young bookkeeper at the laundry -- not a workingman, but a soft-handed, soft-voiced gentleman -- whom Charley had beaten up at the corner because he had been bold enough to come to take her to the theater.


  • APE Knott, the nimble, soft-handed, jack in the box mastered the trade so extraordinarily that you could pass off calling any wicketkeeper "ape" as flattery.

    My glove affair with keepers of the lost stumpers' art

  • Some of the spongy green layer under the skin will also be removed, but don't worry about that, just try to be as soft-handed as possible.

    Morelos' Exotic Foods For The Brave At Heart

  • Indeed, this is how it's worked with most soft-handed Wall Street policies so far.

    Stuart Whatley: Obama's Credit Card Dog Day Afternoon

  • McCan't trying to twist this makes him look soft-handed and over-ironed to them, and loses him two for every one it reinforces.

    Obama On Lipstick Controversy: Attacks Media, Says "Enough Is Enough"

  • Journalists on TV who were sympathetic to the bailout, dripped with palpable contempt for the idea of "subsidizing unprofitable companies", something that didn't bother them when it was soft-handed professionals like themselves on the dole.

    Ian Welsh: The Personal Politics of Hopelessness

  • Or, would they perhaps have wrung their hands in indecision like a smartly bearded and soft-handed political science professor about whether or not the "chase" was fair to the deer or whether they were obligated to intervene in the certain death of the deer in this situation like others in this forum?

    Is Shooting a Locked Buck Ethical?


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