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  • transitive v. To make or cause to make a soft landing.


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  • Stern's own New Horizons flyby mission to Pluto cost NASA more than $650 million; it is unrealistic to expect that a 700-kg analytical laboratory that must soft-land on Mars and drive around with 100 kg of scientific instruments could possibly cost less than a planetary flyby mission.

    MSL Cost Overruns: More Smoke and Mirrors from NASA - NASA Watch

  • Zimbabwe, he said he was "sure that there was a common understanding that there is a need to soft-land the crisis through a transitional process".

    ANC Daily News Briefing

  • Mugabe, citing violence and intimidation by pro-government supporters, said a transitional government should allow the crisis "to soft-land".

    ANC Daily News Briefing

  • After analysis of the results of Mariner 9, NASA tentatively selected potential landing sites for the Viking probes which were intended to soft-land instrument packages onto Mars in 1976.

    High-altitude holiday gift: Mariner 9 Mars Globe

  • Quantum3: Led by aerospace executive Paul Carliner, Quantum3 plans to soft-land its Moondancer craft where Apollo 13 settled down in the Sea of Tranquility.

    Space Diary: Mobile Networks

  • John McCain is in all likelihood the only man who can soft-land the Bush agenda in calmer waters by taking the sharper edges

    From the WSJ Opinion Archives

  • The Soviet spacecraft Luna 9 becomes the first to soft-land on the moon.

    The Globe and Mail - Home RSS feed

  • In 1966 the Soviet spacecraft Luna 9 overcame the moon's topographic hurdles and became the first vehicle to soft-land safely on the surface.


  • The MIP was a technological forerunner to Chandrayaan-2, which would soft-land a rover on the Moon in 2012-13.

    Top Stories - Google News

  • First man made craft to achieve Earth escape velocity, first to achieve lunar orbit, first to crash-land on the moon, the first to photograph the dark / far side of the moon, the first to soft-land upon the moon AND the first unmanned craft to actually return lunar soil samples to Earth.



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