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  • noun south-southwest

from WordNet 3.0 Copyright 2006 by Princeton University. All rights reserved.

  • noun the compass point midway between south and southwest
  • adverb to, toward, or in the south southwest


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  • "Let her off a point or two gradually until you bring her head about sou'-sou'-west, and keep her so."

    The Ghost Ship A Mystery of the Sea

  • Later on in the afternoon, however, another shift of wind took place, the gale veering to sou'-sou'-west in a squall heavier than any of its predecessors; while a heavy sea, flooding the decks, broke through the hatchway and put out the engine fires.

    Teddy The Story of a Little Pickle

  • We bore away, though, a couple of points more to the southward than before, steering sou'-sou'-west, towards the position of the wreck, as pointed out to us by our communicative friends, the strange ship.

    Crown and Anchor Under the Pen'ant

  • With this, we hauled our wind; and, by bracing the yards sharp up and keeping her full and bye, we were able to bring the ship's head a bit more to the westward than we had been previously sailing, steering now south-west by south instead of sou'-sou'-west as before, which was as near as we could get her to proceed in the direction where the lookout man had reported the vessel.

    Crown and Anchor Under the Pen'ant

  • The barque was then brought to the wind on the port tack under the lower maintopsail, and she lay-to pretty well; but the wind kept on veering and beating with frequent squalls from sou'-sou'-west to west, so that at noon a strong gale prevailed again fiercer than before.

    Teddy The Story of a Little Pickle

  • This was more than two hundred miles out of our proper track, and far too much to the eastward to be able to weather the northern extremity of the Spanish coast, which would soon be perilously near to us, running as we then were to the sou'-sou'-west.

    Crown and Anchor Under the Pen'ant

  • His eyes were fixed on a small and almost imperceptible stain on the horizon to the sou'-sou'-west.

    The Blue Lagoon: a romance

  • The day before, early in the afternoon, two canoes, possibly from that far-away island which cast a stain on the horizon to the sou'-sou'-west, had entered the lagoon, one in pursuit of the other.

    The Blue Lagoon: a romance

  • "No," he continued, "that's where it was, just sou'-sou'-west, for I took the bearing of it when I saw it the third time; and I thought that, in case of anything being wrong, it wouldn't be amiss to mask the binnacle light."

    The Rover's Secret A Tale of the Pirate Cays and Lagoons of Cuba

  • The weather cleared up before sunset, and the wind subsequently began to blow steadily from the southward and eastward, showing that we had at length got into the wished-for "trade;" so the ship soon had all plain sail set on her again, now heading, though, sou'-sou'-west on the port tack, and making a bee-line almost for the island of Trinidad off the

    Afloat at Last A Sailor Boy's Log of his Life at Sea


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