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  • n. A wave of condensation and rarefaction by which sound is propagated in an elastic medium, as the air. See sound and wave.


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  • There were no barriers in the field, but acoustic "dead spots" created by sound-wave interference certainly gave the volunteers the impression that there were.

    Stonehenge Inspired by Sound Illusion, Archaeologist Suggests

  • It's what's called a no-scalpel surgery that combines MRI (an imaging machine) mapping followed by powerful sound-wave "shaving" of tumor tissue.

    In Defense of the Hysterectomy

  • My personal top choice when receiving a complexion treatment is the 8-Step Anti-Gravity Treatment, focused on lympho energetic drainage and sound-wave therapy.

    The Complexion King: SunHee Grinnell

  • Some doctors are also recommending ultrasound, the sound-wave technology often used during pregnancy to view a fetus.

    When a Mammogram Isn't Enough

  • A little experimentation shows that simple and selective acoustic-mode filters stabilize it, as is clear in the papers describing the use of sound-wave time-splitting.

    Exponential Growth in Physical Systems « Climate Audit

  • WRF also has such a sound-wave damper, but needs no additional dissipation for numerical instability when odd-order advection schemes are used because those have noise control built in.

    Exponential Growth in Physical Systems « Climate Audit

  • The papers describing the time-splitting scheme and the sound-wave damping methods go back to Durran and Klemp (1983), Skamarock and Klemp (1992, 1994), and mine (Dudhia 1993).

    Exponential Growth in Physical Systems « Climate Audit

  • In contrast to a typical sound-wave view, the surrounding medium does not play an important role: Gassendi takes the velocity of sound particles, like that of light particles, to be invariant with respect to the air or wind in which they travel.

    Pierre Gassendi

  • Clamped into place on a tripod, this grisly gadget drew sound-wave images on smoked glass through a thin straw glued to its vibrating earbones.

    The Hacker Crackdown

  • The units Zero had captured were making considerable sound-wave radiation.



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