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  • n. A colorless unsaturated aliphatic hydrocarbon, C30H50, found especially in human sebum and in the liver oil of sharks, that is an intermediate in the biosynthesis of cholesterol and is used in biochemical research.

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  • n. A triterpene hydrocarbon found in shark liver oil and in human sebum; it plays a role in the biosynthesis of steroids.


from The American Heritage® Dictionary of the English Language, 4th Edition

New Latin Squalus, shark genus (from its occurrence in the liver oil of sharks) (from Latin squalus, a sea fish) + -ene.


  • In the United States, squalene is used as an adjuvant only in the anthrax vaccine, but in Europe, squalene has been used for a number of years in several different vaccines.

    Novel H1N1 Influenza

  • A mere 10 ppb concentration of squalene translates into approximately 184 trillion molecules of squalene and an equal number of potentially destructive immune responses.

    Dr. Sherri Tenpenny: Novartis Is Celebrating. Should We?

  • The adjuvant in Pandemrix is called squalene, which is extracted from fish oil.


  • It contains an immune adjuvant called squalene (MF-59) which has been shown to cause severe autoimmune disorders such as MS, rheumatoid arthritis and Lupus.

    Innoculation Misinformation

  • The swine flu vaccine also contains a chemical called squalene, used to stimulate the immune system to respond to the vaccine.


  • Added to the H1N1 vaccine is an oily concoction called squalene that has been shown to cause severe autoimmune conditions, including multiple sclerosis and lupus.


  • Furthermore, they plan to use an adjuvant called squalene (an adjuvant is something to irritates the body into producing more of a response).

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  • It includes a natural oil called squalene, water and vitamin E.

    Nunatsiaq News - Online

  • I am definitely not taking the H1N1 vaccine because of its dangerous and toxic ingredients, such as squalene and thimerosal (mercury), which can have terrible effects.

    Send us your H1N1 swine flu questions!

  • The harmful adjuvent MF59, contains 'squalene', which has been linked to a lists of vaccine related injuries and disease. - Articles related to Finance needed for Asia chronic illness cost:experts


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